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Card of the Month on and it Could Be Yours!

By Karine Hains, Editor in Chief 

The hockey off season is not a walk in the park for us hockey freaks…Yes the weather is nice, the sun is shinning and the birds are singing but where are the spectacular goal, the fantastic saves and the bone-crushing hits? Thankfully, even though the NHL is having a few months off, Upper Deck is still bringing out new products for us cardboard addicts. The most anticipated and talked about summer release is without a doubt the 2007-2008 edition of The Cup.

Amongst the numerous different sets of insert included in the line up, you will More >

Official SCF Review: 2008 Topps Big Stix

Break and review by Enigma

First and foremost, I’d like to thank our sponsor Topps for providing us with the opportunity to review this product.

Contents: 20 packs per box 5 stickers per pack MSRP – 2 packs for $19.99 (Only place I’ve seen these for sale is at

Topps Big Stix is a box of 5×7 stickers. The stickers are removable and meant to be moved around. Each “card” comes with an action sticker of a particular player, a sticker that contains the team logo of the jersey the player is pictured in and a sticker with the player’s name More >

Official SCF Product Review: 2008 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Break and review by Enigma 

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the fine folks at Topps for providing us with the opportunity to review this product.

BOX BREAKDOWN 2 mini boxes per display box 1 pack per mini box 6 cards per pack

MSRP: $155-$165 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS EVERY 18-COUNT CASE CONTAINS BOTH: * A Triple Autographed Triple Relic Card numbered to 36 or less * A 1 of 1 Autographed Triple Relic Card

EVERY 2-PACK DISPLAY BOX CONTAINS: * An Autographed Triple Relic Card numbered to 99 or less * A Triple Relic Card numbered to 36 or less

EVERY PACK CONTAINS: * 3 Base Cards More >

A Manly Hobby?

 By: Karine Hains, Editor-in-Chief

Sports cards collecting…when they say these words, most people picture a teenage boy but is this picture accurate? While the masses tend to think so, I personally see this as nothing more than a generalization. These days, collecting is more and more a big budget affair meaning that to collect; you need a certain amount of available income. This makes your average collector a wage earner although there are still some low end releases out there. As for our typical collector being a male, it is probably true in a majority of cases but more and more females More >

Sportscardforum’s 2008 Allen and Ginter Review

Break and review by Meuandthelot

Here’s our review of 2008 Allen & Ginter Hobby. As always a BIG THANK YOU to the fine folks at Topps for allowing us the opportunity to review their great products!

Expected Hobby Box contents:
  • Two Autographed, Relic, Printing Plate or Allen & Ginter Original Cards Per Box!
  • One Hobby Exclusive N43 or Cabinet Card Per Box!
  • One HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Rip Card Per Case!
  • *NEW! The Ginter Code – Collectors Must Crack the code for a chance to win! You’ll get your very own card in next years release!
  • *NEW! Allen & Ginter Ancient Icon Cards!

• *NEW! Baseball Icons Cards, featuring all-time More >

2007-2008 BAP Signature Box Break and Product Review

Break and review by ScottKoz20

I’d like to thank for providing this box to be broken by

Product Description

8 packs per box, 5 cards per pack

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS * Get an autograph of an NHL star in every pack! * Find 1 dual signed card in each box on average! * Collect 1 rookie card, rookie redemption card or parallel card #’d to 99 or less in each box on average! * Look for 1 autograph card of at least three players in each case on average!

PRODUCT BREAKDOWN Autograph Cards (combining to deliver an avg. of 1 per pack!) * Be More >