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Too much of the good things?

If you’re one of those with thick wallets, good times is about to happen as six, I repeat six, luxury high-end products soon will be released within the next months: Ultimate, Sweetshot, The Cup, OPC Premier, Superlative, and ITG Ultimate. Two of the mentioned make my wallet whimper at the mere thought.

One, Superlative, costs so much money for a single pack of 7 cards ($450), that you could take the same amount and buy a Wii, a nice 32″ flatscreen TV, or a new laptop. Are we dreaming, or is it really happening? Apart from the diehard collector who wastes More >

Play it for the girls

Does sexism occur amongst our minds? Of course, if the question is asked, it does. When people ask “how is your experience as a female collector?” or “did you end up collecting cause a man in your family collected?”, then you know automatically things aren’t as they should. When you see, several times, a made up hockey card pictureed in Beckett of a half-naked lady and the exclamation “a card we’d like to see,” we also understand automatically the card collecting world exists mainly of puffed off males who chuckle at the thought. It’s not surprising, even if 25% of More >

The world of multiplayer cards

Dual autos, triple autos, quad autos, quad game-used, and now we even see double-quad game-used.

It’s like a disease spreading, munching away at the hobby. It started quite harmless many years ago, but today it has reached monstrous proportions. Have you pulled one of those multiplayer cards lately out of a pack? I’m sure you have, and some makes sense. For a team collector it must be a thrill to hold a card in your hand with 8 of your team’s players. If you’re a fan of a specific playertype (guard, goaltender, scorers, whatever it may be) it might also be More >

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Follow-up, and some thoughts on sellers in general

There was no follow-up planned on my previous article (Guide to online box buying), but I’m a writer who doesn’t sit quiet.

Sometimes it’s fascinating what kind of feedback an article creates. In fact, any feedback of any sort is thrilling for an article writer because most of the time you’re met with silence. Even hardcore criticism confirms that you’ve managed to create an emotion in at least one reader.

The previous article on buying boxes online resulted in three angry e-mails. I won’t pretend it was the most well-written piece on the planet, but it was meant as a simple guideline for More >