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The Pull of a Lifetime

By Mike Cancelliere aka mikecancelliere

In November of 2008, I found out about a website called “Upper Deck Kids.” This website instantly became a favorite of mine because I was able to type in codes on the back of my Upper Deck cards and receive points for each one. When I had about 30,000 points from spending countless hours typing codes off the back of every card I had, I looked at the prizes section to see what I was able to get with all those points. I skimmed the page and saw a raffle for a hobby box of 2008 More >

Collecting Heroes

By Stephen Heger aka stephenheger

The humble beginnings of my collecting cards is a series of remembrances that I look back at fondly and with a child’s wonder. My father, in the Air Force at the time, and the rest of our family was stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany in 1978 when I opened my first pack of cards. I don’t remember what was in that pack of Topps baseball but I fondly remember the cursive writing below and the beginning of my love of cards. Tossing the sickly sweet gum in my mouth I eagerly perused the stack of cards and More >

The Start of My Collecting Craziness

By Brett Johnson aka Chargerfan46

Back in the early ‘70s I was the typical kid who got a pack of cards and looked at them for a little while. They then went straight to the spokes on my bike. To hear that sound and feel so cool riding down the street was something to remember. It wasn’t until the late ‘70s that I unknowingly started collecting. I played Pop Warner football and at our end of the year banquet, my parents (who were in charge of the banquet) thought it would be fun if each player were given a pack of More >

Where It All Started

By Chris Collins aka lodown

I believe I started collecting back when I was around six or seven (I’m 39 now). My parents would go to the drugs store and I would not leave the store until they broke down and picked up at least one pack of cards. Over the many years I only picked up baseball cards that were mostly of the Topps brand. I remember a couple of my favorite cards were a Johnny Bench base and a Pete Rose base. I really never followed the sport much but I remember the days spent on the playground trading More >

Who Brings a Beckett to School?

By Jake Lester aka jagrnyr68

There are many cards that I have that can be considered favorites but I have two that definitely stand above them all. Going back to 2001 I was only in second grade, so I didn’t know that much about the hobby. I recently bought my first hockey Beckett that had Ilya Kovalchuk and Jason Spezza pictured on the front, and I looked at this thing all day. I would look up prices to my cards that usually came from 00-01 Victory and 00-01 Topps. I always went by 01-02 Upper Deck and saw that Ilya Kovalchuk’s More >

A Card With Memories

By Robert Shirley aka champ1985

We consider ourselves lucky in life when someone profoundly touches our lives. This is exactly what happened to me when I met a young fellow online and became fast friends with him. It was a love of baseball and collecting that drew us together and life that made it all come crashing down. My friend lives 838 miles away and although we have never met, and probably never will, I’ll never forget him and the hours spent chatting and trading our baseball cards. It was this friendship that produced my favorite card. It is not an More >