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How I Got Into Collecting

By Spenser Davis aka sports collector

I guess the thing that really got me started with collecting cards was following baseball in the first place. I remember watching Mark McGwire with the Cardinals and thinking he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Those thoughts quickly faded as reality set in about steroids. Though he has never failed a test he is guilty in the public eye just by not claiming innocence. I then went on to watching Albert Pujols. After watching him I started picking up packs for $3 at Quick Trip. I had gotten a lot of cards as I More >

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Unexpected Gifts From Unexpected Places

By Duane Williams aka duane1969

My story starts 16 years ago in Erie, PA. I didn’t get into collecting until I had moved to Pennsylvania and was already in my 20′s. It was the early 90′s and the hobby was taking off again and I, like many others, had gotten caught up in the hobby craze and had quickly accumulated boxes and boxes of cards. I had missed out on card collecting as a child in the 70′s so I was making up for lost time by grabbing every box and pack that I could. Along the way I even bought More >

Stolent Cardboard Memories

By Matthew Tomkins aka reoddai

Back when I was a kid my dad took me to the local card shop. When we went the store was something like ten meters long and two and a half meters wide. The entire left wall, top to bottom, was full of open boxes. It was a pack buyer’s dream. Absolutely everything from the last few years was available as well as older products.

As a kid I got very little allowance compared to my peers. But every so often I would have enough money to pick one or two packs and buy them. As I More >

A Collector’s Resurrection

By Stephen Wiblemo aka swib25

My story starts in 1997 when I was 13 years old in my hometown of Marshall, MN. I was hanging out with some friends tearing wax at our usual haunt, a small shop called ABC Cards and Comics. We knew it simply as Brad’s for the first name of the fellow who owned the shop. To this day I still don’t know his last name.

We were opening packs of our favorite product at the time, Fleer Ultra. Ultra was cheap enough for a kid like me to afford, but it also offered plenty of inserts. As More >

My Day with Baseball Royalty

By Mike Stelzer aka puffster31

My wife and I vacationed in Las Vegas for my 30th birthday. When researching the hotels, events, casinos, etc., I stumbled across an article about Field of Dreams in Caesar’s Palace’s Forum Shops. I’ve been collecting baseball cards for 21 years so when I saw that Pete Rose signs autographs at Field of Dreams I almost jumped in the car and drove to Vegas just to meet the man that day. The wife said no so I waited.

I’ve lived in Ohio all my life and started watching baseball around the time Pete became the all-time hit More >