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Woes of a Louisiana Razorback

By Sarah Earhart aka swampstyle

Part of growing up in Louisiana is the expectation of bleeding purple and gold. Anyone who has ever come into Louisiana realizes that the state is as much a part of the “Tiger Belt” as it is the “Bible Belt”. While it is a forgivable sin for people in North LA to be Cowboys fans rather than Saints fans, there is NO forgiveness for those who are fans of ANY team other than the LSU Tigers. That being said, while I was born in Louisiana, all earlier generations of my family were born, bred, and raised More >

Teen Card Collecting Struggles

By Matthew Ferreira aka Ferrari5515


This isn’t the first time I’ve written an article for one of these contests. If you recall, a while ago I wrote an article about teen card collecting, and even though my article was passed the submission date, it still got tremendous feedback. Let me explain… I’m 15 years old and got heavily into card collecting in the last month. I was doing almost all TTMs, until I recently started to buy small packs and boxes. Recently I bought a box of Topps Chrome Blaster. I had high hopes for this box, as it was the More >

All Three Hansons

Panini Really Captured The Spirit of the Thing.

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

If the play on Dickie Dunn’s immortal words in the title was lost on you, you probably won’t get. If you’ve never described a penalty as “two minutes, by yourself, you feel shame, and then you get free” you might roll your eyes as your read on. If the words “criminal element” don’t immediately make you think of Ogie Ogilthorpe, some of Panini’s best ideas this year were probably an afterthought for you.

If you’ve ever shouted at a friend, while he’s grabbing you a drink “none of that stinkin’ root beer!” I suspect you’ll shortly be More >

Can Giroux lead the Flyers to Glory?

NHL Predictions: Eastern Conference

NHL Predictions: Eastern Conference

We’re a few weeks into the NHL season, and everyone has played at least seven games now. This does provide a little bit of insight as to how we should expect teams to perform, but with a such a small sample it can also be very misleading. Fact is, nothing that has happened thus far has really changed my opinion of any team in the league. These early games have only served to reaffirm what I already thought, or seem to me as either a hot (or cold) start that won’t be sustained.

Like every prognosticator out there, More >


2011 MLB Season and Playoffs

By Joe Mosley aka LGB Cards

First off, I am not going to act like I predicted this season cause if anyone did they were the only one. The epic breakdowns by the Braves and Red Sox turned out to be two more notches in the historic disaster column of baseball history. Now we are down to the near end, the Cardinals are now up 3 games to 2 and the Rangers are also up 3 games to 2. It would be easy to say that the Rangers and Cardinals will make it and shoot a guess in the dark but More >