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Golf’s Triumphant Return

By Joseph Mondo Comfortably9Numb

The year was 2005, Annika Sorenstam was dominating the LPGA field. Tiger Woods seemed all but invincible on a golf course. Just a few years earlier, the golf card all collectors would be after was released, Tiger Woods’ rookie card. With all these wondrous events occurring in the world of golf, one could not have expected that we would loose a major segment of sports cards. The following year, Upper Deck put a cap on the golf division of their program, and us golf fans were left wondering what our future would look like.

Fast forward to 2012, More >

MLB Adventures

By Kobe Lorendo aka kobewild99


MLB’s Prince Fielder is my favorite player. I last went to a game in 2008 with my father which likes the Cardinals I might add. I love when we go to games together because he always brags about the Cardinals while I get the last laugh with the bragging. The reason I like the Brewers was because of Prince Fielder when I was young my father showed me a bobble head of him and it said 50 home runs! Now to me, when I was little, that was a lot of home runs. Then for a More >

The Top Stories of Summer 2012

By Richard McAdam aka RGM81

With the 2011-12 season having concluded in the coronation of the Los Angeles Kings as Stanley Cup Champions, hockey fans can now turn their attention to the bustling activities of the off-season as they prepare for what will hopefully be a full 2012-13 campaign. This past year had numerous interesting storylines, twists, turns, and swerves, ranging from the calamity in Montreal to Tim Thomas standing up Barack Obama to the return and rapid fall from grace for Alexander Radulov. It will be a year that some fans try to forget while others look to cherish it More >