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Blake Griffin Is the Next Big Thing

By Mike Leno aka dwighthoward

Usually, I am not that type of sports cards collector who only chooses one player to invest on and to create a personal collection of. First, I do not have the money to spend on the quite expensive cards of the player. Second, the time spent collecting the player will take years and years, which I also do not have due to working two jobs and going to school. Third, I just do not have the patience and effort to collect the player. However, if I had the money, time, and effort to collect an up More >


This is my Favorite Moment

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

I’ve had the opportunity to see many games in my lifetime. I attended my first baseball game at the Astrodome (Dodgers versus Astros). My first pro football game was the 1977 Broncos versus the Bills the year the Broncos went to the Super Bowl (I got to see the Juice live – which was a thrill back then because I had my Juicemobiles!) and also saw many great football games live with the Broncos. But one of my greatest sports moments came, not from my favorite sport, but perhaps my fourth favorite; hockey.

Back before we had More >


The JET’s the Best

By Mike Leno aka Dwighthoward

Why I believe Jason Terry is the best athlete in the world!!!

My favorite athlete in all of the sports was Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. He played for my home town team (Houston Rockets) for several years before constantly injuring himself to force the general manager to believe he may not be the key to our team’s championship run. But now he currently plays for the Detroit Pistons as a role player. Why would you ask me? Well, I use to think T-Mac was a great person on and off the court, but I stopped More >

If I Had to Pick a New Player to Collect

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1


I’m not one that collects current or active players because there are too many intangibles to today’s players. We often seek out current players as role models, often to see them fall from the graces (i.e. Barry Bonds). Or we pick an athlete because we see them hit a monster home run and we are so enticed by such displays, that we often forgive their shortcomings of poor defense (i.e. Manny Ramirez). It’s also easy to pick someone who is often on TV, thus making his cards difficult to collect because of costs (i.e. Derek Jeter). More >


By Matt Hall aka Desertboots

“Matt! Can you come downstairs please?” I had just returned home from work and was looking forward to a little relaxation, not a confrontation with my wife. It wasn’t what she said but the tone in which she said it. All you married guys know exactly what I am talking about! I shuffled downstairs trying to run through my head what I had done wrong this time. As I walked into the den, there she was, holding an empty hobby box of some 2010 Allen and Ginter I had just bought. The conversation continued on with More >

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My Wife and my Hobby

By Michael Reuben aka mreuben

So when I first met my wife, I had a bedroom specifically devoted to baseball cards. Stacks littered the floor as I sorted and organized, really diving into not just collecting, but trading at that point. When she first came over, I was nervous that she would see this… let’s call it youthful past time and be a little discouraged by the whole thing.


Well, instead of her rolling her eyes over the hobby, she became more and more supportive of my interactions. Right away, she started buying me loose packs and blaster boxes when she went More >