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A Journey Through my Life and Card Collecting


By Kevin Ransom aka Spoodini

I was around 6 or 7 years old when I received my first baseball cards. It was the early 90s and my babysitter had another child about my age. Little did he know, by giving me my first stack of baseball cards he would start an addiction that would probably last through a lifetime.


My parents were very supportive. They would buy me binders and card pages for these cards I was accumulating. Every holiday and birthday up until their divorce always included baseball cards of some sort. Small retail boxes and packs of cards would always More >

Keeping Kids Interested

By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

To me there is no better joy than ripping open a pack of wax, finding that card you have been searching high and low for, or trading cards with another member here on Sports Card Forum. These are the things that card collecting and trading are all about. However, card collecting can be an expensive hobby at times, and this may possibly turn some kids away from the hobby. So what can be done? Here are a few of my ideas to help bring this wonderful hobby to a new generation.


Companies should produce a wide range More >

My Wife Is a 1/1

By Henry Salazar aka FL Henry

My wife and I went to high school together so we have known each other for over twenty years. At sixteen years old she won the beauty pageant in our small town. She finished third in her high school class and went on to a 4.0 GPA in college. She also earned the highest academic honors for her master’s degree in accounting and now has a fantastic job in financial management. As one might imagine there are plenty of reasons why I may have been attracted to her way back in the day. I clearly More >

The Sports Heroes Set

By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

Every person involved in sports or card collecting has a sports hero and most people probably more than one. Maybe it was your first coach who taught you the rules and fundamentals of the game. It could be your favorite player growing up, the player you wanted to be just like. Or it might be your parents or your siblings who introduced you to the world of sports. That’s why my idea for a new product would be the Sports Heroes Set. Each card relates in some way to the heroes that both athletes and fans More >

Upper Deck’s Basketball Game Changer

By Henry Salazar aka FL Henry

Upper Deck changed the hobby with the 2003-04 basketball Exquisite Collection.


Until Upper Deck introduced Exquisite Collection the basketball hobby world kind of flew under the radar. When friends and family discovered I was into sports card collecting they always asked about my baseball card collection. After gently setting them straight that I am a basketball card collector they all pretty much inevitably said the same thing:”I didn’t even know they made basketball cards.”


I heard that the suggested retail price was going to be around $500 for Exquisite Collection and I got very excited. I had More >

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A True Collegiate Set

By Brandon York aka UofLnMU

There’s a reason they cheat to win. College football is where it is at. In the Southeast, the names are immortal: Herschel, Bo, Peyton. In the Midwest and West Coast, it’s no different. The coaches are revered as gods—Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, the Bear—and we are stunned to see them fall from the lofty peaks when they do. In the midst of a fascinating baseball season, pit against one of the most dramatic work stoppages in recent NFL memory, what has consistently dominated the sports consciousness? College football. As a transplant from Kentucky (the pseudo-South) to More >