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A Voice in Support of the Quiet Man: Why Isn’t Gil Hodges a Hall of Famer?

By Pedro Maicazo aka metsmagic18

Gil Hodges is a revered player and manager who led the New York Mets to a World Series title, and the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers to numerous pennants and titles. He was beloved by fans and teammates, and was known as “The Quiet Man” for his gentle demeanor on and off the field. Despite all this, he is one of the greatest players not to enter the Hall of Fame. This has always troubled me, but now I’m really going to look into the possible reasons why he has been kept out.

Statistician, author, and former More >

Hall of Famer?

By Kyle Gillbraith aka TheNati#22

Is Ken Riley the most underrated defensive back to ever play in the NFL? I think so and here is why…

Riley played 15 seasons from 1969 to1983 all with the Cincinnati Bengals. In that time, he amassed 65 interceptions, 596 return yards off interceptions, 18 fumble recoveries and 5 interceptions returned for touchdowns. These numbers are good for 5th all-time in career interceptions and where are the 4 guys in front of Riley? All 4 are in the hall of fame, 7 of the top 11 all-time interception leaders are in the Hall of Fame 3 More >

MLB Adventures continues

By Kobe Lorendo aka kobewild99

This article is going to be about my adventures. A few months ago, I made an entry about my adventures and said that I would update along the way. Well, this is my update to MLB Adventures.

Card shows

My adventure continues with me going to a Duluth card show for my birthday. For the card show I always bring a fun game, well the game this time was Plinko from the popular game show “The Price is Right. ” We only had one person play the game and that was my friend and sadly he returned the More >

Why Baseball Still Matters to Me

By James Friedman aka JFried1029

It seems that many of the headlines surrounding sports in general these days, and baseball in particular, are the types of things one would read on police blotters or front pages; not on sports pages. In particular, the resurgence of stories regarding Biogenesis and steroid usage in baseball have dominated the sports pages and talk radio shows of late.

While it is disappointing to see my favorite sport wash with such controversy again, baseball has survived many previous issues and came through the other side. I suspect it will again. Baseball has survived depressions, recessions, player strikes, More >

My First Ballgame

By Jacob Vance aka GoldenCards

I remember it like it was yesterday. Seven years old, cut-sleeve muscle shirt, Old-Navy blue jeans, and some rocking white Nikes on my feet.

Waiting in line in Summer Texas heat was all worth the wait because “I couldn’t wait to get an autograph from every guy on the team!.”

My dad chuckled.

As my Dad and I slowly inched to Minute Maid Parks entry doors, my heart began beating faster and faster, “Dad, we’re almost there!.”

My Dad chuckled again.

As I gave the lady my ticket to get scanned, and walked through what I called the “clicky-spinny thing”, I More >

AJ Allmendinger

Was a Misfortune for the Best?

By Remington Scott aka ajdingerfan

“Driver AJ Allmendinger has been temporarily suspended from NASCAR competition, based upon notification of a positive A test NASCAR received from its medical review officer”. Those were the words NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Operations Steve O’Donnell said on July 7, 2012 in Daytona Beach, Florida. A NASCAR driver, who happens to be my favorite, suspended for drugs? Very few NASCAR drivers have been suspended for drugs, due to NASCAR’s strict policy. Unlike the NFL, instead of a slap on the wrist, drivers are suspended indefinitely. Would AJ Allmendinger’s qualifying lap at Daytona the day More >