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Uncle Billy and Me

By Josh Ammons aka bigdog2003

Growing up, I was in love with the sport of baseball. I loved everything about the sport, but fell in love with pitching. I started pitching the first year I played 9-10 year old baseball, and was quickly the ace of the staff. I was always trying to learn how to better pitch, and how to be more effective on the mound. I had a leg up in this due to a former Major League Baseball pitcher attending my church. Billy O’Dell, or Uncle Billy to me, began working with me at about 9 years old More >

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The Fallout from PEDs – and How it Affects our “Investment”

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

Before I start, I will add the disclaimer that I am not saying that I agree with this, but this writing is to make you think and hopefully, create discussion.

You have your Lance Armstrongs and you have your Mark McGwires. You have your Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and your Barry Bonds. We all know what they have in common. They have cheated the game at some point. Some have been proven guilty and some not so much. But in the court of public opinion, each and everyone of them is guilty. The list continues to grow, More >


How to Win your 2013 Fantasy Football League

By Jordan Marino aka jmarino76

This is a guide that will give you the formula for drafting a winning fantasy football team. The information is coming from the mind of a self-proclaimed fantasy football guru. But don’t let the self proclaimed title discourage you from drafting with my ideas, as I have quite a few titles under my belt. I will give you sleeper picks for 2013, and I will let you in on the secret that drafts me a top seeded team year after year. This article is based on ESPN Standard leagues, but the strategies and sleeper picks are More >


Miro the Hero

By Jonah Levitan aka Satan81

A lot of people on this forum tell me that it’s nice to collect someone who isn’t a superstar like Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos. It’s refreshing to see someone collect an average player. Well let me tell you, to me, he’s a superstar. Perhaps more.

I am talking about my favorite hockey player, Miroslav Satan. Miro started as a very late draft pick by the Oilers, then traveled a few times from Buffalo, to Long Island, to Pittsburgh to Boston. That’s where his NHL days ended. He would then go on to win a championship with More >


A Right or a Privilege?

By Ethan Shippen aka TheBoxBreaker


During the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the National Hockey League announced the implementation of new rules to be either tried out or used during play for the 2013-14 pre-season. One of those rules dictate that the current size of goaltender equipment should be smaller, trying to increase the number of goals scored in each game. According to the stats at, goal scoring in the NHL was at its lowest in 2012-13 since the late 90s when the NHL experienced a big decrease in goals scored. But is shrinking the size of the goalie’s equipment really More >