2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball Update

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2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball will be getting the September call-up and returning for another season sure to ignite the hobby hotlist.

- The program is fully license by the CLC - The set will be comprised of 200 players, that’s 50 more than the 2009 EEE release - The set will be contain 100 Commons and 100 Autographed Rookies - Each hobby box will contain six autograph cards per box - Four “Hot Boxes” per 20-box case, with each Hot Box delivering an average of 10 autographs per box - ALL hits in 2010 More >

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2009-10 Panini Threads Basketball Card Preview

2009-10 Panini Threads Basketball releases on 16 Dec and will sell for around $75 per box. Each box will contain 24 packs with each pack holding eight cards. Collectors can expect four autograph or memorabilia cards per box. Get the best prices on boxes of Panini Threads Basketball on eBay

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PER BOX ITEMS 4 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards 24 Rookies 4 Draft Pick Light Blue 1 NBA Draft Class 1 Prestigious Pros Green 2 Others

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS NBA Draft Class featuring exclusive autographs from the top 2009-10 rookies including: 2008-09 Consensus NCAA Player of the Year Blake Griffin More >

2009-10 Playoff Contenders Basketball Card Preview

2009-10 Playoff Contenders Basketball releases on 20 Jan, 2010 and will cost about $120 a box. Each box contains 24 packs and each pack will have five cards. Collectors can expect four autographs, one Rookie Of The Year Contender and one Legendary Contender per box. Check out eBay for the best prices on boxes!

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CASE BREAK (on average) Look for one of the following autographs: Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or Oscar Robertson!


SEASON TICKETS: This 09/10 Playoff Contenders base set captures the top playmakers in the NBA!

ROOKIE TICKETS: The top Rookies of the 09/10 NBA season are More >

2009 Playoff National Treasures Football Card Preview

2009 Playoff National Treasures Football releases on 27 Jan, 2010 and will sell for about $440 a box/pack. There is one pack per box and eight cards per pack. Collectors can expect six autographs/memorabilia Cards (at least three Autographs Cards) and two commons/legends/rookies/parallels per box. Discuss this product on sports card forum!

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CASE HITS - On-card Signature Rookie Cards featuring Jumbo Prime Swatches - Souvenir Cut Signatures - Signature Embroidered Patch Cards - On-card Signature Pen Pal Cards


ON-CARD ROOKIE SIGNATURE ROOKIE CARDS Featuring Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Pat White, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Wallace, Donald Brown, More >