Coaching Upper Deck’s 2009 NHL Rookie Boot Camp

By Andrew Long aka Samuwry7

Mississauaga, Ontario – 9 A.M., inside the Hershey Center. I alternate my stare between the vacant rink and the rumpled, dog-earred paper with my Upper Deck-approved lines on it. I know them backwards and forwards, and I also know I’ll almost certainly improvise beyond them, but for now, it’s the only thing to do from being overtaken by nerves.

Nearby, middle managers and minnows of Upper Deck scuttle, making preparations. In just an hour, 14 NHL rookies will arrive to begin shooting the 2009 Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut Boot Camp, and on the first “action” call More >

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2009-10 NBA Preview

By Nathan Loewy aka garnett_21

The 2009-10 NBA season is quickly approaching. With one of the most active offseasons in recent memory, we will look back at some of the major transactions and speculate what they will mean for the teams in this upcoming season.

This past offseason began after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship, following a remarkable season in which they posted a 65-17 record. It was the best record in the Western Conference, and second only to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which tallied 66 wins. This was the Lakers’ 15th championship in the team history, and fourth championship More >

FrankToronto & 99goals Card Drive for the Expo (Show Promoters of the Leaside Gardens Toronto Card Show)

SCF would like to encourage the SCF community to help with Frank Williamson and Ameet Acharya in collecting some cards for the Toronto Expo coming up in May. If you want drop them a pm or make a post here that you would like to help them out. As they will take donations through the mail and also at the card show if you want to drop them off in person.

Here are a few examples of past shows:

Leaside Gardens Toronto April 19th, 2009!

Member Flemingc04 picksup at the show!

A brief write up from Frank and Ameet on their show and More >

Lord Stanley of Preston

By: Keith Lenn aka KeithLenn

Note: This profile of Lord Stanley of Preston was written as a short position paper to serve as a nomination and support for his inclusion in the World Wide Hockey Hall of Fame, a “virtual” Hockey Hall of Fame in which this writer is a voting member. Lord Stanley was elected to the WWHHF as a Contributor in the virtual year of 1975. The WWHHF can be viewed at

Occasionally the single act of a person, however trivial or insignificant that act may seem at the time, has a profound effect on the future, be it More >

29th National VIP Ticket Overview

Those who have purchased their 29th National VIP tickets are about to experience the best value the National has ever offered.  Just to give you an idea of what kind of gifts, autographs, perks & fun each VIP will receive in their Gift bags, at the Chicago National, July 30-August 3, check out the list below: 


  • Topps – An almost perfect retro issue from the 1958 Topps Yellow Team Letter variations. Each VIP will receive 4 random cards from the 5 cards that Topps has produced for 29th National VIP’s. Mantle, Ted Williams, Ernie Banks, a Bob Gibson pre-rookie card that never More >

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Alexander Ovechkin signing at Frozen Pond

As usual Troy Collins goes to the Frozen Pond to add to his every growing autograph collection. After all, Frozen Pond is the undisputed leader in autograph hockey memorabilia market. Of course, we all knew that already!

Ovechkin showed up right on time this time. Last time he showed up a bit late. From the moment he arrived, it seemed like he was not interested, and it also seemed that he was somewhat unhappy to be there. Not sure if this coincided with other events he had going on but it made for a less exciting time for some. From past More >