Why Baseball Still Matters to Me

By James Friedman aka JFried1029

It seems that many of the headlines surrounding sports in general these days, and baseball in particular, are the types of things one would read on police blotters or front pages; not on sports pages. In particular, the resurgence of stories regarding Biogenesis and steroid usage in baseball have dominated the sports pages and talk radio shows of late.

While it is disappointing to see my favorite sport wash with such controversy again, baseball has survived many previous issues and came through the other side. I suspect it will again. Baseball has survived depressions, recessions, player strikes, More >

My First Ballgame

By Jacob Vance aka GoldenCards

I remember it like it was yesterday. Seven years old, cut-sleeve muscle shirt, Old-Navy blue jeans, and some rocking white Nikes on my feet.

Waiting in line in Summer Texas heat was all worth the wait because “I couldn’t wait to get an autograph from every guy on the team!.”

My dad chuckled.

As my Dad and I slowly inched to Minute Maid Parks entry doors, my heart began beating faster and faster, “Dad, we’re almost there!.”

My Dad chuckled again.

As I gave the lady my ticket to get scanned, and walked through what I called the “clicky-spinny thing”, I More >


Uncle Billy and Me

By Josh Ammons aka bigdog2003

Growing up, I was in love with the sport of baseball. I loved everything about the sport, but fell in love with pitching. I started pitching the first year I played 9-10 year old baseball, and was quickly the ace of the staff. I was always trying to learn how to better pitch, and how to be more effective on the mound. I had a leg up in this due to a former Major League Baseball pitcher attending my church. Billy O’Dell, or Uncle Billy to me, began working with me at about 9 years old More >

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The Fallout from PEDs – and How it Affects our “Investment”

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

Before I start, I will add the disclaimer that I am not saying that I agree with this, but this writing is to make you think and hopefully, create discussion.

You have your Lance Armstrongs and you have your Mark McGwires. You have your Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and your Barry Bonds. We all know what they have in common. They have cheated the game at some point. Some have been proven guilty and some not so much. But in the court of public opinion, each and everyone of them is guilty. The list continues to grow, More >

Pitcher vs. Hitter – Who Is More Valuable?

By Jacob Vance aka Goldencards

For years and years many people have debated on which asset is more valuable to a Major League team. Some people argue pitchers, while many others vote hitters. So the million dollar question is, who really is more valuable to a Major League team? As you’ve heard a million times in the past decade, baseball is a pitcher’s game. This statement is very true in the fact that today’s pitching is the best it has ever been in Major League history. The number of strike-outs is through the roof, and earned run averages have dropped tremendously. More >

I’m a Little League Umpire

By G. Kerry Webster aka windmortal

Last week, 9-year-old Dominick Havens was beaned in the forehead with a fastball. It hurt. I know it did. He cried.

I don’t know Dominick. I never met his parents. But, I almost cried too.Seeing that little guy lying in the dirt near home plate, holding his head and sobbing made me feel helpless.

I never had children. I don’t know what it would feel like to see something like that happen to my own son or daughter. But, for two hours, three or four nights a week, I do have kids. Usually about two dozen of them.

I’m More >