The Long Road: Life in the Minors 


By Noah Carter aka SappeltMan17

Everyone has that old minor league stadium near them. You Know, the one with the grandstands that aren’t ever full and of course the giant 5×10 aluminium signs advertising ” Dave’s Used Car World “. The stadiums in the downtown city or the seemingly wide open cow pastures in the middle of the mid west. These are the places where in July you can find teenagers making memories that they won’t ever forget and in September you can find some of the best baseball in the country. To the general public these fields are considered to More >


My Fondest Childhood Memory

By Thomas Drinan aka white_rabbit

Good afternoon, while some of you look familiar to me, the majority do not. So for those who do not know me I was my father’s oldest son. Those of you familiar with the two of us would more than likely describe our relationship as frustrating or even distant. Then again, those of you who are or have eldest born sons, may say our relationship was fairly normal. While that may have been true most of the time, today I want to share a story from my childhood with you which better describes how I choose More >