How not to Be too Sad About Money When you Have too Much of it

By Christopher J. Ahlman aka Requiemx


I have two words to discuss in this topic, overpaid and overplayed. These are the two choice words I will be using to discuss first, our overpaid basketball players and second, overplayed lockouts.


Understandably, the idea of overpaid players and lockouts can certainly be used for a few other sports out there, but I’m choosing to focus on basketball for two reasons. One and most obvious, the NBA is in the midst of a lockout and second, I am much more knowledgeable in the realm of professional basketball than any other sport.


Many of you are probably More >


Meeting your Favorite Player (my Story)

By David Oby III aka CavFanatic21

There may not be too many people who can say they have met their favorite athlete sometime in their lifetime. Some can say they met a player, which then made them their favorite player. However, this was different for me. Many members may know, my favorite athlete is JJ Hickson, of the Sacramento Kings. Of course, he used to be on the Cleveland Cavaliers (But that’s an entirely different story). I have actually met him four times over the last year, and hope to meet him more. I can tell a simple story of how More >


The JET’s the Best

By Mike Leno aka Dwighthoward

Why I believe Jason Terry is the best athlete in the world!!!

My favorite athlete in all of the sports was Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. He played for my home town team (Houston Rockets) for several years before constantly injuring himself to force the general manager to believe he may not be the key to our team’s championship run. But now he currently plays for the Detroit Pistons as a role player. Why would you ask me? Well, I use to think T-Mac was a great person on and off the court, but I stopped More >

Noble Monuments

By Christopher J. Ahlman aka Requiemx

For years, I have wanted to do what so many other collectors across the world have wished to do. Create a set of sports cards for a major manufacturer and here is my opportunity to at least be heard by other collectors and possibly receive feedback.


To begin, this set would be a basketball card set only. With that stated, I would assemble a panel of several expert NBA analysts who would vote and determine who have been the top 20 players, at each position, to play the game of professional basketball, for a total of More >

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