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Student Athletes

By Richard Heaton aka zanderlex

Currently, there is a huge debate on whether or not Student Athletes should be paid for participating in N.C.A.A. sporting events. There are some who believe that an athletic scholarship is all that a student needs while there are others who say that an athletic scholarship is nothing compared to how much money the N.C.A.A. pulls in each year per student.

During the final few days of September 2013, EA Sports and another sports licensing company settled with Student Athletes, which leaves the N.C.A.A. defending itself on its own. Because of this, drastic changes will begin all More >

If I Were NCAA Dictator: A College Football Playoff System

by Drew Pelto, AKA *censored*

Every year or two, something comes along to make the nation scream for a college football playoff system. In 1997, it was the National Championship being shared between Nebraska and Michigan, which led to the adoption of the BCS. In 2006-07, it was Boise State shocking Oklahoma. 2008-09 was Utah beating Alabama, a year after West Virginia took down Oklahoma. And in 2012-13, it was Louisville taking Florida to the woodshed.

While it’s all well and good that the NCAA has agreed to start using a four-team playoff, to me that’s not good enough. As we saw More >

A New Year’s Day (observed) Afternoon in Sports

By Andrew Harner aka Intelliracer

While New Year’s Day is typically one of the best sports days of the year, it had to wait until Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. But it was worth the wait until the calendar’s read “New Year’s Day (observed).”

A true sports nut’s remote control might not think the slate of games was so great, but the day had plenty of highlights to satisfy a fan’s hunger.

Take a journey from a guy with a day off of work, who just happened to catch as many moments from all the day’s action as he could.

*The day started off with More >


The Right Choice

By TrueIrishFan616 aka Noah Foreman

Thanks to ESPN, the sports nation was given a glimpse into the new uniform that Notre Dame showcased for the first time in school history. The newly donned “Shamrock Series” uniform brought many Notre Dame faithful either to their feet in jubilation, or to their knees in prayer. Many love, and are embracing the change. While others have been shouting via blogs and twitter for the traditionally bland Notre Dame style to stay the same. No matter how one may see the uniforms, the new “Shamrock Series” uniforms are a huge leap in the new direction More >

It’s Time to End the Polls and Make A Playoff

By Andrew Harner aka aharner55

Like many others, I am a big believer that teams such as Boise State deserve just as much of a chance of earning the title of college football’s national champion as schools from the power conference do, but under the current system, everyone knows it’s pretty unlikely to happen.


That, however, hasn’t stopped one writer from continuing to vote the Broncos as the No. 1 team in the weekly Associated Press poll, which does count when the Bowl Championship Series rankings are tabulated.


And it’s not a Broncos beat writer, either.


Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News More >

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Woes of a Louisiana Razorback

By Sarah Earhart aka swampstyle

Part of growing up in Louisiana is the expectation of bleeding purple and gold. Anyone who has ever come into Louisiana realizes that the state is as much a part of the “Tiger Belt” as it is the “Bible Belt”. While it is a forgivable sin for people in North LA to be Cowboys fans rather than Saints fans, there is NO forgiveness for those who are fans of ANY team other than the LSU Tigers. That being said, while I was born in Louisiana, all earlier generations of my family were born, bred, and raised More >