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2008-2009 NHL Montreal Canadiens Centennial Product Review

By Karine Hains, Editor in Chief

After In The Game’s (ITG) Bleu,Blanc et Rouge release, it’s Upper Deck’s turn to launch a product dedicated to the most storied franchise in hockey history; the Montreal Canadiens. From a fan standpoint, this release is an absolute dream; the line-up, the different inserts, the hard signed autographs and the once again rare game-used card everything is in place to please the Habs following. The biggest advantage of this product over ITG’s is of course the pricing. While Dr. Price chose to go for a high-end release, UD preferred to make theirs more accessible with More >

Upper Deck’s Insult to Collectors

By Linda Mankefors 

In the land of “hockey plenty” products come and go. Each month we see not only one but often two (or more) products released. This should be exciting, but when Upper Deck and ITG continue to release the same brands with little or no visual update at all, it gets incredibly boring.

Not only does the same brand look virtually the same every year, perhaps not too surprising, but a certain design (like quad jerseys) go through each brand like a red thread, thus creating little differences between each brand.

Thus it’s a joy when a completely new brand is More >

Hockey Parallel Cards, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

For those who don’t know what parallel cards are; they are simply different versions of the regular base set (usually including rookie cards), autos, and game used cards. Some versions are numbered while others aren’t. They have slowly crept into practically every single set now, and one would wonder if that was a good thing?

The Good: Parallel cards definitely have many upsides. They offer extra value to any set that has them. It offers additional pulls along with the usual inserts, autos, game-used etc. Some sets have a parallel card guaranteed in each pack such as More >

ITG Superlative Bleu, Blanc et Rouge Product Review

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief

As most hockey fans will know by now, this year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens. While the team has planned a multitude of special events and memorabilia to commemorate the occasion, both In The Game (ITG) and Upper Deck (UD) have decided to produce special sets for the occasion. This review will look in detail at ITG’s effort as they made a smart move and launched their product first on the 23rd January 2009. UD appears to have shot themselves in the foot by delaying the release until late February. Rumour has it that More >

Fine Art

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief

Collectors are a tough breed to satisfy. Years ago, each and every one of them was in awe at the latest phenomenon; the game-used cards. Extremely rare, these were not only highly sought after but extremely valuable. Legions of hobbyists were opening packs in the faint hope of pulling one. The card companies became very aware of that fact and decided to capitalize on this by inserting more and more game-used cards. Nowadays, they have become common and most cardboard addicts are indifferent to them. Unless the swatch is spectacular, then it may get a bit of More >

The World of Autographs – not as Easy as it Seems

By Linda Mankefors

There are a lot of us who collect so-called in person autographs. Non-certified autos obtained in person or by mail, or simply traded for or bought. But unless you stand there yourself in front of the athlete, is it possible to do that anymore and know you that you are getting an authentic autograph?

Why would anyone even bother dealing with this hobby when there are tons of certified autographs available? Well, there’s the hunt. Collecting a certain card set and getting all the cards autographed. There’s the unique chance of getting a jersey, helmet, figure or photo signed. More >