Raised to the Rafters

Guest article by CoolHandLuke

I am writing this article on the 24th December, so I wish every SCF members to land their white whale in 2009. Now back to the Centennial watch, three things caught my attention but I will only report on Patrick Roy’s jersey retirement night. I will keep the other events for next month’s article.

For a Habs fan and a Roy collector like myself, It was finally the night Patrick came back home. Yes the 22nd November 2008 was a night to remember. To me, this was the best event in the new Bell Centre ever. Finally I More >

Book Value Based on Skills?

By Kevin Lee

Pricing guide’s book values (BV) for hockey player are usually based on two things; their popularity, and their play on the ice. Now, some people probably believe that book values should be based more on their play on the ice. It’s well known that when referring to their performance, we’re usually referring to the amounts of points they can accumulate. This article will look at the top 2005-06 and 2006-07 rookie forwards (min $15 BV for Upper Deck Young Guns), who all have around a minimum of two seasons under their belt and look at what they’d be More >

A Look at the True Value of your Box Breaks

By Linda Mankefors

While card manufacturers step away from card design or set building, and instead concentrate on “big hits”, it is hard not to concentrate on the real value of the cards you get out of a box.

Five to eight years ago, at a time when I bought boxes for sheer joy and the chance to start/finish a set, a box contained a whole lot of interesting base cards or exciting inserts to get your hands on. Rare inserts, autographs or game used that weren’t of any interest ended up being sold, and thus I got all or almost More >

The Celebration Goes on

Guest article by CoolHandLuke 

Ring of Honor

The first activity of this season for the centennial program was scheduled for the Habs’ season opener on October 15, 2008, against the Boston Bruins. On that night, they revealed the Habs’ Ring of Honor. It honors 44 of their players and 10 great builders who have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame by including them on the team’s Ring of Honor located in the Bell Centre bowl.

The fans will love this as it is located behind the last row of seats. The team’s legendary players were honored because of their exploits and More >

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2008-2009 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Product Review

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief


This year’s incarnation of the popular Artifacts brand is quite significantly different from last year’s release. The design of the base card is much less colorful, with the background color being a simple brown as opposed to the livelier blue/grey chosen a year ago. Of course, the trademark artifacts pattern is still included but it has been moved to the four corners of the cards. The standard base set again comprises of 100 regular cards, followed by 50 Legends, 50 Stars and 60 Rookie cards. On top of this, there are also 42 Rookie Redemptions.

Unlike in the More >

2008-2009 Upper Deck Artifacts Product Review

Guest article by ScottKoz20

On November 5th, 2008, I purchased a box of 2008-2009 Artifacts hockey from a local card shop in the Buffalo, NY area.

Product Description 10 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: Each box is chock full of great hits: (all inserts/subsets combine for 1 hit per pack) - Three jersey, patch or jersey/patch cards numbered to 199 or less! (on average) one will be a 2- or 3-player memorabilia card! - Two Artifacts rookie cards! - One rookie redemption card! - Also featuring an Auto-Facts signature card! - Two numbered Legends/Stars subset cards! - A terrific More >