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Sid Injured. Will anyone step up?

Many Penguins fans were bitterly disappointed when Sid the Kid crushed his ankle against the boards in January, thinking that there team would struggle without its captain. However, since Sid’s injury, the Pens have hardly skipped a beat! They have won nine of the 16 games played since then, including games against both New Jersey and Montreal, two teams who are doing rather well lately.

How did they manage this without their franchise player you say? Well they simply let franchise player b step up and saying that he rose to the challenge would be an understatement. Yes, Evgeni Malkin has More >

St. Patrick

When I started collecting again a little over a year ago, I asked myself what should be the main focus of my collection? With the hobby being incredibly orientated towards memorabilia and autographed cards, a lot of people seem to focus on getting as many of these as possible. Of course, some people prefer chasing rookies and would do anything to get the new superstars of tomorrow. Those were two possibilities I thought about, but when the time came to make a decision, I chose to collect Patrick Roy for many reasons; firstly he is and has always been my More >