Sports Card Articles

Being a Kid at Heart

By John Holzapfel aka jna1488

Can you remember the moment in your life when you became a sports fan? I was thinking about this the other day, and a flood of memories filled my mind about some of the happiest times in my life growing up and they all revolved around sports and sports cards. I am in my 30s now and still find myself acting like a little kid when I watch my favorite team on TV. I’ll throw a temper tantrum when my team is losing and gloat when they are winning. When I open a box of cards, More >

How to Open a Box

By Michael Reuben aka mreuben

Everyone may have their own strategy to properly bust a box of cards, and for everyone it’s different. Heck, even the way we refer to this process seems to vary amongst all members of the hobby. Breaking a box. Busting wax. Cracking a case. Simply, opening some cards. Developing one’s own strategy for bringing these treasures to life in a collection is a serious task that all of us must consider.

First things first, you must figure out where the process will take place. If you’re lucky, you don’t have to find some secluded place to avoid More >


My Fondest Childhood Memory

By Thomas Drinan aka white_rabbit

Good afternoon, while some of you look familiar to me, the majority do not. So for those who do not know me I was my father’s oldest son. Those of you familiar with the two of us would more than likely describe our relationship as frustrating or even distant. Then again, those of you who are or have eldest born sons, may say our relationship was fairly normal. While that may have been true most of the time, today I want to share a story from my childhood with you which better describes how I choose More >

Jeff Carter was a huge dissapointment in Columbus

NHL Western Conference Playoff Preview

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

With teams having about ten games remaining, now appears to be a great time to look back on my early season predictions, see how badly I called this year’s NHL race to unfold, and make a few bold predictions as to what will happen between now and when Lord Stanley’s Mug is handed out.

My early season predictions for the Western Conference had a nice mix of accuracy, and being totally off base. Of the five teams I considered to be playoff locks, four of them are looking very good. Vancouver and Detroit are sitting in very More >


Why I Bleed Blue…A True Story

By Jody Yarborough aka Mrjobe85

I would like to start this story out in the year of 1991 around about the time of the 1991 NCAA Men’s Final Four. I was 6 years old at the time and was sitting down to watch the Duke and UNLV Semi-Finals game with my dad. Before we get deep into this story, I would like to say that since the day I was old enough to know what basketball was I have been a Duke fan. Why Duke you ask? That was my dad’s team and my granddad’s team while everyone on my mom’s More >