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  1. NHRA Addresses- Would Appreciate help!

    Hey everyone, I wanted to hopefully add to the TTM Section by adding some addresses to NHRA Drivers. There's already a few in there, but not as many as there are who sign TTM. I used to get a bunch back a few years ago, but some changes to the NHRA website and the overall lack of updates over the TTM community has made it hard to get back into NHRA TTM's. I want to start researching again and finding out which drivers are willing to sign now. I know a good number, which I will post here and try ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Adding photos

    I was looking to add photos to my TTM successes but I always get a "your photo exceeds the 100KB limit. I take the pictures with my smart phone or tablet, is there an easy fix to get them under the 100KB limit?

  4. Wttf base football cards!! Wanting az cards

    Seattle Seahawks

    1992 John l. Williams no.220
    Topps 2014
    Percy harvin no ffs-ph
    Paul Richardson no.401

    Topps 2013
    Christine Michael no.294

    Score 2013
    Percy harvin no. 198
    Russell Wilson no.193
    Robert turbin no.197

    Rookies and stars 2013
    Percy harvin no.87
    Marshawn Lynch no.88

    Topps finest 2013
    Earl Thomas no.16

    That's all of Seattle Seahawks ...
  5. Strive For '65 Project

    For a long time (practically since it first came out 51 years ago now) I've been "collecting" the 1965 Topps Baseball set. Beginning in 2014 I started to push harder to get the set more complete with the hope of finishing it before April of 2015 which was the 50th Anniversary. I failed to complete the set I only got to barely managed to get about 100 more cards from what I originally started with. I'd have to check my other blogs for all those boring details. Anyway on my regular blog ...

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  6. Lions

    Quote Originally Posted by Dullrhino View Post
    Hi, I am looking for Detroit Lions after 2010 email with any offers