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  1. Looking to Complete my 2004 SP Authentic Football Set Will Buy Through Paypal!!

  2. Kronozio
  3. looking to buy..

    Im looking to buy a sam bradford autograph my price range is 16$ my payment is ttm please message me if you have anyhthing.
  4. eBay Buffoon of the Day

    Just thought I'd air this out.
    Comment if you like, I just thought this would be comedic. We all know those eBay goofballs that do the most random things for the most random of reasons.

    This is meant to be read from top to bottom (Oldest message on top)

    A minimal amount of info beforehand:
    I am the buyer in this case, and won two items from the same seller which were listed at $5 Shipping each. I requested an invoice total and:

    Quote Originally Posted by kr0n
  5. 2007 Fleer Autographed Football (Rookie Class) - redemption from Fleer

    I have a football that I received from Fleer back in 2007. It was a "prize" from registering cardfs onto the site. This was one of many prizes/awards direct from Fleet. This is an autographed football from (i believe) 28 of the rookies from that year. I know that Adrian Peterson, Kevin Kolb, Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas, Jamarcus Russell, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Robert Meacham, Dwayne Bowe are just some of the sutographs on the ball.

    I am unable to find a value on the ball ...
  6. 2013-14 SCORE Hockey

    Well the S%&T will hit the fan and the I told you sos will start. All the bragging about a double rookie crop in 2013-14 thanks to the lockout/strike has claimed its first victim. Those who thought that things would go on as if nothing happened next season are being proven wrong. I just saw the pre-order prices for 2013-14 SCORE HOCKEY and to say I had to check the prices three times is not a lie. A 2012-13 hobby box with 36 packs which we sold for $28 this past year will now cost almost $60 ...
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