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  1. Looking for some advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Aknot View Post
    Ok my site is here: the front page is pretty self explanatory. However the link to my 'bucket' may need some work.

    I have every NFL team sectioned out along with 'star' players. I also have a section that includes Game Used and Autographs. However I kind of started putting GU/AU into the team sections to kind of point people there.

    I was thinking of moving all the GU/AU into the players team at the time. OR Moving all the GU/AU that are
  2. Kronozio
  3. Great find at tuesday morning!!

    I was over at a Tuesday morning store near me and I was just looking around then all of the sudden I thought Baseball cards!

    I asked a worker if they had any and he said we might look over near the outdoor/sports stuff. I got over there and what did I find? I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 1 blaster packs for $9.99 each then I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 2 blaster packs for the same price! they also had 1 2013 topps blaster pack $12.99 . And the real surprise of the day! ...
  4. Collecting Yastrzemski - May, 2013

    May was an exciting month to be a Yastrzemski fan! Vanderbilt's regular season came to a close this month, but not before the Commodores achieved not only their best record in school history (48-7), but they also set a new SEC wins record by going 26-3. Michael led the team in the SEC games this season batting .407 (.333 - for the season). He also joined fellow teammate, Tony Kemp, by being selected to the All-SEC first team & All-Defensive team. Here's hoping that they can win it all in ...

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  5. In the end, it's business as usual

    It's funny how one night changes everything.

    The New York Yankees had been swept in 4 games by the moribound Mets, who aren't languishing in last place because Miami is just more putrid than they are. Overall, the Mets had won 5 in a row, ending Atlanta's winning streak on Sunday prior to Subway Series '13, and the Yanks, after losing to Tampa Bay, also on Sunday, now were on a 5 game skid.

    On Friday, the Yanks got infielders Kevin Youkilis & Mark Teixiera back ...
  6. WTTF - Topps 2008 Campaign

    HCM-: 1796,1808,1812,1860,1880,1884,1896,1912,1916,1952, 1964,2000,2008D, 2008R
    C08-AG (Gore), C08-AS (Schwartzeneger), C08-SP (Palin)

    HCM-: 1800,1820,1828,1836,1864,1908x3,1932x2,1960,1984,2 004
    C08-DK (Kucinich)x2, C08-HC (H.Clinton),C08-JE (Edwards),C08-MH (Huckabee)
    Gold C08-BR (Richardson)