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  1. seeking some common players but hard to find cards

    Zack Torquato
    07-08 Erie Otters #21
    08-09 Erie Otters #23
    07-08 ITG Canada Game Used Numbers GUN-22
    07-08 ITG Canada Game Used Emblems GUE-22
    07-08 ITG Canada Game Used Jersey GUJ-22

    Yevegny Namestnikov
    95-96 Topps/OPC Parallel #46
    02-03 Russian Hockey League #253

    Yves Sarault
    97-98 Score Avalanche Premier #20
    00-01 Upper Deck NHLPA #PA6
    01-02 Milwaukee Admirals #23
    01-02 Milwaukee Admirals Postcards #3 ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Casual trading. I have a huge Photobucket w/ 2011. Want to look at your Photobucket!!

    Would you do those 3 autographs for the Michael Crabtree autograph? Let me know. If not I can try to find something else. I really like that card though.
  4. Dempster's Bread Crosby Set

    Yea, I know, it's been a while. Between work, vacation in sunny Florida and the home life, there hasn't been a lot of time for cards or this blog.

    For those of you living in Canada, I'm sure that you've seen the Sydney Crosby Dempster's bread commercials. Within the last month Dempster's has started including Crosby cards with their breads. Of the 9 card set I have 3 cards. The cards are smaller in size than the standard card and are thinner. The pictures are of Crosby, though ...
  5. 10-11 The Cup Signature Patch /75 Set Progress Blog

    Once again I have decided to attempt a high end set. I decided I wanted something that was highly collectible in a sport that I wasn't completely familiar with. Exquisite football was great and everything, but a lot of the patches were 1 color and they were relatively easy to get after a bit. I also wanted to do a set with an on-card autograph. There are 84 cards in the set. Here is how I keep track of what I have and don't have. If you see something I don't have let me know!! Again ...

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  6. Casual trading. I have a huge Photobucket w/ 2011. Want to look at your Photobucket!!

    I like the tc Flacco RC and the cam newton breast cancer awareness RC.let me know what you like