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  1. 188 GU Ft for YG and auto rc .... in your favor 2:1 BV

    interested in these in order of preference
    not sure of BVs
    so i listed a few cards

    paavjari heirs to throne
    luongo winning materials
    kesler fotg
    sedin lords of the nhl
    st pierre canadian cloth
  2. Kronozio
  3. Finally Getting To It..

    So now that I finally have a bit of free time, I'm working to get a home/trade page up and running.. .. My only issue now is I'm being overly picky about the whole thing. I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I will at least have the basics up and running. So fingers crossed. And as soon as I manage to get that far, I can start working on building up my profile here, then I'll be all set to start trading with all of you lovely people. Wish me luck.

    - Tasha ...
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  4. Hello From Cleveland Ohio

    Hello all. I am from Cleveland Ohio and an avid Cleveland Indians fans and vintage card collector. I am trying to reach out to fellow Indians fans were ever you are!!!!!!!
  5. Yard Sale Experience

    I don't usually go to yard/garage sales. I've got nothing agains people who do. I guess everyone needs a past time and for some people they get up early every Saturday morning in the spring and summer and drive the streets of their community looking for bargains. After all, one person's junk is another person's treasure. I already have a toaster, and I don't have little kids, so there is generally nothing that I want that is offered at a yard sale. This warm Victoria Day weekend appears to ...
  6. BGS Results

    Results are in from my recent submission:

    2006-07 SP Authentic #163 Phil Kessel AU RC - 8.0
    2007-08 ITG O Canada Numbers #GUN22 Zack Torquato - 9.5
    2009-10 Upper Deck #210 Erik Karlsson YG RC - 9.5
    2009-10 Upper Deck #493 James Reimer YG RC - 9.0
    2010-11 SP Authentic #310 Jacob Markstrom AU RC - 9.5
    2011-12 Upper Deck #208 Gabriel Landeskog YG RC - 9.0
    2011-12 Upper Deck #214 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins YG RC - 9.0
    2011-12 Upper Deck #226 Adam ...

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