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  1. RB Hall of Famer Serial Numbered Cards

    198 & Counting!
    Year Company/Set Subset Name Serial Number
    1996 Collector's Edge Filmstrip Marcus Allen 3074/5000
    1996 Collector's Edge Ripped Emmitt Smith 1578/2500
    1996 Donruss What If? Emmitt Smith 2742/5000
    1996 Donruss Grass Roots Emmitt Smith 3454/5000
    1996 Donruss Elite Barry Sanders 09279/10000
    1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Blue Marcus Allen 1799/2499
    1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Red Barry Sanders 1196/4999
    1997 Pinnacle ...

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  2. Kronozio
  3. Alex Burrows and Don Cherry TTM autographs

    On September 5 2009, I mailed a letter to Alex Burrows. Burrows had gone through a lot last season, when he lost his good friend Luc Bourdon. His whole season was dedicated to him. He scored 28 goals last season (Luc Bourdons number was 28), and by scoring a short handed goal againest the Hurricanes with only a couple minutes left, stopped their losing streak. A few months later, they won the divsion (I think) on Bourdons birthday. Anyways, I sent 2 index cards to Burrows. He signed 1 index card, ...
  4. TTM Autographs

    Here a couple of my favourite TTM autographs :)

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  5. Services that us hobbiests should or could use...

    by , 01-08-2010 at 10:27 PM (The, sometimes weekly, hopefully monthly Dose)
    I'm a collector, and techie-geek(i guess) Anyway, I run across things from time to time that really make my life easier, better, or just relieve some "What if" stress.

    Wow, this has changed..SCF has incorporated many services into their platform, but we still traverse the wild www

    Make Nesc. back-up's..archive your photo's, scans and documents-

    With 1T Hard drives being so cheap, no reason NOT to have 2 HD Backup's going..I use a 1T and a 3T(main ...

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  6. have been on since november

    ive been on since november and i already have a trader rating of 13 still looking for more cards im a huge fan of the yankees and really big fan of jeter this is the best trading site out there compared to the other ones i was on thanks everyone