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  1. First time blogging on a sportcardsforum !


    I blog daily on my swedish blog . Thought i would start here aswell..

    Will be a bit harder though, since i have to translate everything to english, and thats not always a good thing.. many hard words to translate. But i'll give it a try.


  2. Gators, Buckeyes, Browns!

    Some of you may have noticed 'Gators, Buckeyes, Browns!' posted below my user id.

    This is because I collect (to a lesser extent) both the (NCAA) Ohio State Buckeyes and (NFL) Cleveland Browns (mostly former players).

    I also Collect John Elway.

  3. Welcome!

    Hello, and Welcome to my 'Blog'.

    I am a collector and 'investor/speculator' in sports cards. Primarily football, but I also delve into baseball and basketball, with rare forays into hockey and racing.

    At the present time, my primary 'wants' are for Former University of Florida Gator Football players. I do not collect the other Florida teams/players - baseball, basketball, etc...

    There is a LONG list of Florida Football players that have made it to the NFL
  4. 12/15-12/22 Mail Week

    Ivan Rodriguez
    2007 Topps Turkey Red Ivan Rodriguez #160

    I now have 1127 difference Pudge Rodriguez card, 16.2% of all cards recognized by Beckett.

    John Wetteland
    2004 UD Yankees Classics Scripts John Wetteland #39
    2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Autographs #JWE

    This accounts for 40% of certified Wetteland autos recognized, with the 3 I don't have being #'rd to 20 or less. Also brings my Wetteland collection count up to 23. ...
  5. Trade List


    1991 Upper Deck Aaron Heroes #23 Hank Aaron Braves $.50
    1992 Score 100 Rising Stars #35 Jeff Bagwell Astro's $2.50
    1994 Ultra All-Stars #20 Greg Maddux Braves $2
    1995 Fleer Update Diamond Tribute #2 Albert Belle Indians $.30
    1997 Collector's Choice #330 Mark McGwire GHL A's $.60
    1999 Fleer Tradition Rookie Flashback #14 Richie Sexson Indians $.75
    1999 Fleer Tradition Warning Track #34 Frank Thomas White Sox $5 ...

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