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  1. Friday, December 4, 2009 Mailday! Side PC special!

    Today's mail brought in some wickedly sweet cards! First, I added 5 new Garnett's to my collection:

    2001-02 Upper Deck Playmakers Player's Club Shooting Shirt #d/350 GU KGS
    2003-04 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix GU JAKG
    2006-07 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Materialization GU MTKG
    2007-08 Ultra Call To The Hall GU CH5
    2007-08 Upper Deck Game Jersey GU GJKT

    Yep, they are all GU! This brings my KG count up to 915 different, and my KG GU count up to 94, ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Hawk in 2010

    The Baseball Hall of Fame. Perhaps the most debated topic in baseball since, well, there was no Hall of Fame and people debated about whether a Hall of Fame was even necessary. Since the inaugural class of 1936 to the most recent induction of Henderson, Rice and Gordon, we have debated not only the worthiness of the enshrined, but the merit of those not enshrined.

    Amongst the most heated argument within the past few years has been the un-election of baseball great Andre Dawson. ...
  4. No one is immune to scandal

    Call it the Gillette Curse, if you like, but it seems rather odd that two prominent athletes who've endorsed Gillette products in recent years have embroiled themselves in scandal in recent weeks.

    French soccer star Thierry Henry had been previously known to American audiences as "Who's that guy?" with Tiger Woods & Roger Federer in a Gillette ad campaign about a year or so ago. As a result, Woods & Federer were given a new playmate this year in baseball superstar ...
  5. Shriners Auditorium Show Wilmington Mass November 7, 2009 (BY Schwood)

    Shriners Auditorium Show Wilmington Mass November 7, 2009
    by Jeff Woodward (aka schwood)

    So, I was asked to do a short write up on the Shriners Show in Wimington. This show is run by the GBSSC (Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club). What a great show! There are close to 250 tables, and this show certainly does not disappoint. And starting last year, it is held twice a year now. Once in November and once sometime in the summer. Unfortunately I missed the one in the ...
  6. Sometimes, leaving the nest is not a good thing.....

    It was, after all, inevitable that Notre Dame would fire Charlie Weis, as they did yesterday. Weis thought that returning to his alma mater and implementing the offensive system that worked so well for him under Bill Belichick with New England would lead the Fighting Irish back to prominence. It didn't happen. Weis was let go after a 6-6 campaign in which every negative move was over-scrutinized and allowed the speculation to begin as to when, not if, Weis would be fired.

    Romeo Crennell ...