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  1. NESN decides Don Orsillo won't be back in the Red Sox booth in 2016--bad idea

    More than 40 years ago, when cable television was installed in my home, I became acquainted with Red Sox games on WSBK. At the time, venerable, versatile Dick Stockton was at the mic with Ken "Hawk" Harrelson. "Hawk" wasn't the over-the-top homer he is now for the White Sox, but before you knew it, both were gone. Stockton, of course, splits his time between Fox, the Oakland A's (at last check), and I believe TBS. Ned Martin took over sometime in the 80's, replaced in turn by ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. 1993 Elite Dominator Nolan Ryan

    I recently came across a 1993 Nolan Ryan Elite Dominator that had a blank serial number. The serial number looks like this: /5000. Is this a promo or an error? How many were made? How much is it worth? Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Lions

  5. Don't cry for the Jets-----yet

    I found it amusing that an online commentator suggested that the Jets would try to sign Rex Grossman to back up Ryan Fitzpatrick, rather than give rookie Bryce Petty (out of Baylor), a shot, with Geno Smith gone until October due to a broken jaw.

    What is it with some of these alleged geniuses throwing shade on the Jets before the first pre-season game??

    Grossman hasn't played in, what, nearly 4 years? He was schizophrenic, based on the comments from sportswriters who ...
  6. LIVE Auction: Complete sets from 1952-1972 "The Wholesale Card Company Collection"


    I wanted to share this Amazing Collection with you... it's The Wholesale Card Company Collection


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