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  1. Time for this Kidd to walk the plank

    A year ago, Jason Kidd retired as a player to become a 1st-time head coach with the Brooklyn Nets. The team he left, the New York Knicks, floundered and failed to repeat as division champs, while Kidd took the Nets to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    So what would possess Kidd, on his 2nd go-round with the Nets organization, to pursue more power so soon? Who did he think he was? Pat Riley? Phil Jackson? Please. On June 30, Brooklyn divested itself of Kidd, who will get booed out of ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. I am new to collecting and I need some advice.

    I have always been a baseball card collector. I have boxes and boxes of them. It wasn't till recently that I learned about ttm signatures. Now I really want to start collecting. Right now, my cards are in storage and I won't be able to get to them till later next week. So, I was wondering, does anyone know any e-mail addresses of pro athletes or coaches? If you do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Jack Wilson Game used

    Hi, I'm looking for Jack Wilson game used memorablia. specifically a pair of his game worn batting gloves or wristband. Let me know if you have any of his game used items you'd be willing to sell. Thank you
  5. New Trade Page- Looking for Brett

    I have a new webpage with the cards I need and cards for trade listed. It is still a work in progress and cards are being added everyday. Here is the link, check it out-

    George Brett Trading Site

    While I have only George Brett cards listed on my want list I am always looking to obtain cards of HOFers or future HOFers. If you see something you need or want make me an offer, I'll do what I can to make a good deal for both of us.

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  6. Looking for Upper Deck Canvas signature auto UD

    Looking for the six UD canvas autograph ; Orr , Price , Greztky , Eberle , Tavares and Fleury. Willing to trade or buy them. LMK your asking prices.