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  1. Strive For '65 Project

    For a long time (practically since it first came out 51 years ago now) I've been "collecting" the 1965 Topps Baseball set. Beginning in 2014 I started to push harder to get the set more complete with the hope of finishing it before April of 2015 which was the 50th Anniversary. I failed to complete the set I only got to barely managed to get about 100 more cards from what I originally started with. I'd have to check my other blogs for all those boring details. Anyway on my regular blog ...

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  2. Kronozio
  3. Lions

    Quote Originally Posted by Dullrhino View Post
    Hi, I am looking for Detroit Lions after 2010 email with any offers
  4. Want List

    High Wants are bold in RED

    Football Wants

    Vintage - Will trade/buy lower/bad conditions depending on card(s), check with me

    Pre-1977 Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Roger Staubach, OJ Simpson (Bills)
    1976 Topps #148 Walter Payton
    1977 Topps #3 Payton/Simpson LL
    1977 Topps #45 Roger Staubach
    1977 Topps #360 Walter Payton
    1978 Topps #200 Walter Payton
    1978 Topps #318 Tony Dorsett
    1979 Topps #390 Earl Campbell

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  5. Carson Palmer

    Hey guys just wanted to ask a quick question so I have seen ttm successes from cardinals qb Carson Palmer on another forum but there are no successes from him on this forum I am running low on stamps so should i take the chance and send to him?
  6. Major League Baseball broadcasts available

    As well as collecting cards and autographs I also am I big collecter of MLB Broadcasts. I mostly trade but will collect donations from customers for these games to cover the cost of transferring these to digital formats. I can give anybody more information over email if they would like.

    Im looking to spread this hobby because, especially for me as a nostalgic fan. It's quite exciting to see my heros take the field like it was yesterday.

    If anybody is interested, I have ...
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