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  1. My Best "Hit" Ever...

    In sticking with the theme of "what I love about collecting", I decided not to wait long to share the story of the best card I ever got in a pack. It was last summer, my wife and I took a yearly visit to Cooperstown. It's my favorite place on earth for so many reasons, and I would love to open up a card shop there in my future.

    This trip was quicker than the other times we visit, but after hours of checking out the shops, I walked to in a small shop on the end. It ...
  2. Hi from France

    Quote Originally Posted by Undraftedplayer View Post
    Thanks for yours welcomes.

    To Thick McRunFast : Your french is good ! Bonne journée à toi.
  3. The biggest mistake in Super Bowl LII wasn't a player's fault

    Bill Belichick has been a coach, either as an assistant or as head coach, for more than 35 years, starting with his stint with the Giants under Bill Parcells. Seven Super Bowl rings later, you figure, he's bound for the Hall of Fame, despite the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots over the last 15+ years.

    Super Bowl LII proved that geniuses are human, and make mistakes.

    Three years after he clinched the Super Bowl with a game saving pick vs. Seattle, Malcolm ...
  4. Shea Weber card 2016-2017 club 1909

    Wondering what the value of a Shea Weber card from the Montreal Canadiens during 2016-2017 season. It has a piece of game used stick attached to the card.
  5. Where Do Your Cards Go?

    Nowadays with so many 'display-worthy' limited print-run auto & game used memorabilia are higher end collectors enjoying their collections?
    As kids, did anyone else scotch-tape binder pages together and thumb-tack a set to your wall? I did.

    Had the 90's 'quantity over quality' not given way to a new Millennium of cards with value and beauty...I certainly would not have been inspired to find a suitable modern display alternative.

    Pics to follow ...
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