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  1. A parent in denial

    LaVar Ball just doesn't get it.

    It seems that Ball, who is milking his 15 minutes of fame on a daily basis, doesn't know when to keep his yap closed. He's ragged on the Lakers because they're losing and, in his warped mind, they're not using son Lonzo in the 4th quarter. Never mind that the rookie's struggles come with the territory. In La Loudmouth's world, Lonzo is the new star, and should be in the game at crunch time, struggling or not. He pulled youngest son LaMelo out of Chino ...
  2. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, November 2017

    Due to Zemgus Girgensons is rocking bottom in Buffalo Sabres for the last three seasons including this one and there isn't any new Latvian NHL debutants at the moment, the trading card card product checklists are terrible and are my wish list and personal trading card collection isn't growing. But this makes an opportunity to collect some more SeReal product KHL trading cards.

    As I'm working hard to improve my website I chose to postpone publishing the newest trading card pictures. ...
  3. The shaming of a lost season

    Today, Eli Manning's 210 game streak of consecutive starts comes to an end, and he's not even injured.

    No, as you're doubtlessly aware by now, Manning was benched by coach Ben McAdoo earlier this week in favor of Geno Smith, who was a colossal bust in 4 seasons with the Jets, and rookie Davis Webb, although Manning will be the backup for today's game at Oakland. Hours before game time, there are rumors that the Giants will cut ties with McAdoo after the game, and some are already ...
  4. After a 2-year hiatus.....

    Going back to pre-war vintage, mainly oddball stuff from the T206 set.

    Justin Verlander is the real deal.

    Rooting for the Golden Knights. But I still follow Malkin.

    Bengals suck. No, really. I will no longer root for them until they gut out the current coaching staff and management.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doniceage View Post
    I will disagree with you. As the talent level of Elvis Grbac is not above Trent Dilfer so the team did not upgrade their qb situation as you mentioned.

    Also, that was the first qb ever to be resigned after winning a super bowl. Any one knows it is a a team sport but why break up something that works? I assume better talent has been out there over other Super Bowl champs qb's hence teams would upgrade their qb situation. None have never done it so I truly doubt your logic or it
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