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  1. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, January & February 2017

    Last few weeks has been very, very busy for me and I can't even keep up updating information. As I mentioned in December improvement post I wanted to go back in russian to start trading cards and in two weeks time I organized 4 decent trades to start with and I'll update available KHL trading card list as soon as I can.
    The most valuable trading card acquired in past month was Ronalds Kenins Future Watch 1/1 printing plate with an on card autograph and as I don't want ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. New to and I'm looking for a 2008 topps World Series champions Jacoby Ellsbury

    Hello everyone I've been looking for this card for the last three years. Its a Jacoby Ellsbury 2008 Topps World Series Champions game used jersey autograph numbered to /50. I came across one about two years ago on eBay, was willing to pay the full price for it but the guy took it to nationals and sold it there. I called his card shop and everything to try and get a hold of him and to no avail. Just wanted to see if anyone out there has one they would like to get rid of or knew of anyone. Thanks ...
  4. Ted williams Hall of Fame dinner in Tampa

    Seeing if anyone is going to Dinner in St Petersburg on the 18th of February. Peter Rose is going to be there with Tony Perez, Tony Oliva, Luis Taint and many more. Let me know and we can meet up. Talk to you soon.
  5. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, December 2016

    Thank you all for this great year and I wish you all the best in the 2017.
    I won't talk too much this time. In my opinion the December was the best month in the year 2016 by receiving these three beauties:

    2001-02 BAP Memorabilia All-Star Numbers #ASN19 Sandis Ozolinsh /10

  6. Damaged Cards/D&A Disappointment

    I started collecting 2016 football cards after not even looking at a card for over 15 years so I'm new to Panini. I've bought a small fortune in cards over the past few months and I am overwhelmed in a bad way over how many damaged cards I've gotten. Every other time I buy cards I get a damaged insert or hit. Does anyone have any good stories about Panini doing something nice for you as a result of too many damaged cards or am I screwed? Also, anyone feel like they've been tricked by Dave & ...
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