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  1. After a 2-year hiatus.....

    Going back to pre-war vintage, mainly oddball stuff from the T206 set.

    Justin Verlander is the real deal.

    Rooting for the Golden Knights. But I still follow Malkin.

    Bengals suck. No, really. I will no longer root for them until they gut out the current coaching staff and management.
    Moving forward with the Chiefs. All they need is a real QB, the offense is not good enough to keep on going with a game manager at the helm.

    Quote Originally Posted by doniceage View Post
    I will disagree with you. As the talent level of Elvis Grbac is not above Trent Dilfer so the team did not upgrade their qb situation as you mentioned.

    Also, that was the first qb ever to be resigned after winning a super bowl. Any one knows it is a a team sport but why break up something that works? I assume better talent has been out there over other Super Bowl champs qb's hence teams would upgrade their qb situation. None have never done it so I truly doubt your logic or it
  3. Selling TE-12 Connor mcdavids triple exposure /w 30$ value lot

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerobgo View Post
    Need cash , etransfer prefered, want 50$ to cover shipping and value of TE-12 plus throwing in random lot worthy 30$ . Can have shipped with receipt by 5pm today . 5068016731 to text for faster reply
  4. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, September 2017

    I congraddulate all the fans and traders with the start of the 2017-18 NHL season and I wish you all great box breaks with some big hits and let's hope for great chechlists.
    It's been four long months since my last personal collection improvement in April. These four months has been very busy in Russian forum and SeReal KHL product card trading.
    The September improvement trading card lineup isn't that impressive, but I'm very happy to get these three cards:
    • 2006-07
  5. Selling Wax & Sets on Amazon

    I have a very large inventory of unopened/sealed wax boxes dating back to the 1970's. I currently don't sell on Ebay and have been told I might have more success selling on Amazon. My collections includes graded packs/wax dating to 1974 along with plenty of junk to high end wax through the early 2000's.

    Does anyone have experience selling this type of product on Amazon? I have all 4 major sports. I'm looking for suggestions as to what sells best as I have a mix of almost everything ...
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