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  1. Growing up to the new age of card collecting.

    So, as I have gotten back into collecting, I have noticed that more and more GU, EU, RU, auto, numbered, and other sorts of cards have appeared. This got me excited to start collecting again. But as card collecting evolved so did the internet. It brought us things like Ebay, Craigslist, this forum, and other new and exciting websites (get your minds out of the gutters guys). But with sites like Ebay and Craigslist the value of all cards were shot down when it came time to sell them. Beckett ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. The Panini Caper

    The recent announcement that Panini products would be distributed in Canada by Universal Distribution only and that Grosnor Distribution had been cut out of the picture is rather disturbing on several levels. Allowing only ONE distributor in Canada is going to create several problems with very unfavourable results. Not only will this mean increased prices to hobby stores and to collectors it will also mean more stores and collectors buying from US based suppliers. It will also add further credence ...
  4. Two MUST SEE websites for sports card collectors

    i have many hobbies, one is collecting sports cards, the other is collecting autographs. in order for any hobby to grow said hobby needs a constant flow of new blood. a hobby can only survive if new people are always joining. actively getting involved, buying, selling and trading.

    both of my beloved hobbies are in danger. too many scammers are ruining both hobbies, they are driving people away. more people are leaving the hobby than joining them. all too often a noob buys a sick patch ...