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  1. golfpro261's Avatar
    Hey, i didn't know about money maker doing that or you. But I did that a while ago. I cashed out everything before they made it illegal and what not. Got my BR up with 2 FR games, got in the penny tables and have not played in a long time for more than like 5 hands. I think its sitting around 30 dollars or so. GOOD LUCK
  2. contenders04's Avatar
    Seems like a long time of playing to win so little. 1st place gets only $15 out of the 2700 person field.
  3. Enigma's Avatar
    Had a couple of strong showings lately with a couple of top 100 finishes, but have yet to get into the money.
  4. Karl cloney's Avatar
    yes indeed
  5. Enigma's Avatar
    Haven't updated in a while...then again, not much to update...been on a bad run aka card dead...will update again soon...
  6. Enigma's Avatar
    Played again last night...was doing good for a while, then kept getting beat on donkey calls and river bad beats. Ended up 480th out of 2700. I had J 10 and the flop came 4 J 10 and two were hearts. I pushed all in with top 2 pair. I got called by a guy playing 9 10 and the 9 was a heart. So of course, he catches runner, runner for the flush.
  7. Enigma's Avatar
    Well....took a little time off as I had to work on other things...just played again and busted out in 49th. Had AQ and a Q came on the flop. Went all in, only to run into someone holding KK. What can you do. Played spot on and just ran into a better hand...
  8. JesRey's Avatar
    Good Luck with your Full Tilt freeroll, i have won about 4 freerolls on Full Tilt, but man does it take a while to place lol.
  9. Enigma's Avatar
    Well...played in my first tourney...finished 223rd out of 2700. Got all my chips in with pocket Jacks (around 10K) and got called. The other person had 4,7 suited. Ends up hitting his flush on the river. Absolute donkey call...but what can you do...
  10. race crazy's Avatar
    cool Tony-maybe youll be on World Series of Poker someday and give me a reason to watch a non sport on a sport channel! And you could win us all some money!! Buy us cards and boxes and toys and games and....well maybe not haha-but good luck!
  11. WilyWestbrook0's Avatar
    This is a great guide. It's too bad more traders aren't aware of some of these etiquette pointers.
  12. Enigma's Avatar
    Yeah Stephen...when I first played, I always went into competition mode with my playing partners...but then I realize, the battle is not against them, it's with yourself. Nowadays, I prefer not keeping score, but since I have a handicap I try to maintain, I have to do it...but I no longer make it a "I must shoot the best" game of it with others...
  13. race crazy's Avatar
    I can defintitely relate Tony-I LOVE the golf course and golfing-too bad I only get to do it like 4 months out of the year here-Im not that good-I shoot about 90 to 100-on a good day ill shoot high 80s-but its about the peace and quiet and the beauty and you against yourself-golfs cool!!
  14. ashley832's Avatar
    Very nice, Tony! Dont you just love when you wait and wait and then end up getting it for cheaper? :)

  15. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Here are some of my frustrations:

    1. Treating this hobby like a poker game.
    Ever tried to deal with someone who says they are interested in what you have and while they are happily browsing in your bucket and chosing what they want, they send you an offer which does not reveal everything they have. So if you say yes to their offer, you may be kicking yourself the next day when you see them trade a card you would have prefered...

    solution: Deal with people who are open about their collection, it makes things much easier. Yes I might be missing out on some good cards but at list i am not kicking myself anymore...

    2. Team bashings...
    As collectors, we are all really into the sport we collect. As such, many of us enjoy using the chat section and discussing all things hockey (for example). This is nice and gives you an alternative to non stop trading but when arguments starts over which team is better than which and which team has got the best fan before turning in a full blown flame war, ruins the fun of it..
    Solution: keep it friendly, this is a hobby and no one is on here to get worked up
  16. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Permission to use as an article please?
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