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  1. baylor1965's Avatar
    Hello fellow Canadian. You can get most of the canadian channels now through XBMC .
  2. Pheebs888's Avatar
    You lucky so and so Houng!!!!

    I hope not Nash, i really want her to be with Sawyer in the sideways...Jacob in the pilot? Ummmmm interesting...
  3. Crater_Satori's Avatar
    Have I said that I think Jack's wife in the Flash Sideways is Juliette? Why else keep it a secret?

    Also, I heard that they are airing the 2 pilot epi's the week before the finale....TPTB have been saying from the beginning that they filmed a scene for the finale during the pilot, so it is something we have seen before i think, Also, they say that Jacob is in the pilot?? I have to assume it is Vincent, but I really don't know what they are referring to....could be Jack himself.....Man I can't wait.
  4. quiet-things's Avatar
    Maybe for you but I've got an ep this Tuesday!
  5. Pheebs888's Avatar
    lol Nash, personally, I'd love to get answers to EVERYTHING but it's not going to happen i'm guessing. I really want to see Juliette in the flash sideways as well and ideally she'd end up with Sawyer.

    Thanks Houng I will tell him, he'll be chuffed :)

    I think it's actually a two week break :(
  6. quiet-things's Avatar
    Tell Jason that Hurley is awesome!! I think the best of all of them..

    I can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt... I can't believe there's no episode this week! I'm going to go through withdrawal!!

    I'd like to see Desmond and what's going on with him and I can't even think what else... I just want to watch!!
  7. Crater_Satori's Avatar
    So excited, many questions, so little time....

    I am reading a thread on the Lost forum i frequent and there is a huge debate going on over what is needed to finish this show properly and keep the fans happy.....what's funny is noone agrees on anything....they all want different things. I personally hope they leave a lot of questions unanswered to chees off the fans a little, lol....I like not knowing EVERYTHING.

    Like Walt.....I Don't care why he's special.

    Dharma - I don't need to know everything

    The Numbers - see above

    Only things I would like to see is....MIB / Jacob back stories (which is obviously coming)

    Rose & Bernard (who is more then likely Adam & Eve)

    There are probably a few more I would like answered, but I would rather make up my own conclusions by watching the epi's over again......

    Are the drawings done by your hubby? If so, they are AWESOME!!!!
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  8. Btetro's Avatar
    You've got a very nice collection.
  9. gilleslord's Avatar
    Wow thats great!! I collect just a little bit. I love your collection. Nice. I do buy quite a bit. Was buying mostly retail never got anything that great. So now I buy hobby boxes. Much better stuff. I have probably over 5,000 new cards that i'd like to get rid of some day. Maybe will make a big sale. Will see. I have a tin of montreal canadiens 100th anniversary that I will add to it and others. So if you can give me suggestions I will take it. I have some cards on ebay but surely not great ones like yours. Is there a place to post my ebay web url so people can have a look at my cards for sale? If so let me know. thanks Its nice to see women in this hobby. Love it. diane
  10. SafariChecker's Avatar
    Nice posts Karine!
  11. Dispatches's Avatar
    Amazing collection, Really. Hopefully some day I'll be able to afford a PC less than half as impressive as that. But for now my best card is a BTP Felix Potvin Crease Cut Jersey /90! I cant wait for my first big hit. You're a Super-Collector whether you get the forum badge or not. You've earned it. I envy what you've accomplished. Well done.

  12. Pheebs888's Avatar
    ohhhhh yes i forgot about our twins Houng lol, I got mine for free though :P Birthday pressie from T :)

    Thanks Nathan, they are just extra deep frames, it's very hard to fit in slabbed cards though, hence why all slabbed ones or thicker ones are near the middle otherwise I can't shut them lol.
  13. garnett_21's Avatar
    Geez, you have a sick collection Karine! Wow...those are some VERY nice cards! Are these just giant photo frames that you've used to display them? I'd love to do something similar with my Garnett collection at some point.
  14. quiet-things's Avatar
    This one is the card twin:
  15. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Thanks Houng :)

    Yes the first one is currently my favorite, probably because there are 15 Roy autos in there lol. I need a pretty red supersized pad though...

    And yup the Rookie Review found its way to the 1st Brodeur frame, I only have a mere 9 Brody autos you see so they are all in there...which card is a twin?
  16. quiet-things's Avatar
    Oh.. what do I see there on the first row in the 1st Brodeur frame..? lol (and we have card twins too). All these frames are really impressive Karine, especially the first one.. I like the row of Super-Sized Pads.
  17. garnett_21's Avatar
    Wow, you sure have had some nice pulls! That's another awesome you wish that one was yours as well! lol

    Oh, ok, very cool! So, you are going to get a Roy, I'm assuming? ;-) Thanks for the explanation! Do you happen to know what the odds of pulling one of those is? Has to be very rare, I'm sure!

    How long are you going to be laid up with your knee now, if you don't mind my asking? Hopefully not too long, but long enough where you don't have to have any more troubles with it in the future.
  18. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Thanks Nathan :)
    The first pull sure was nice! It's the best one I pulled for myself, I pulled a Gretzky/Lemieux UD Black quad patches auto for Mike at the Nationals numbered to only 3...this product is nice to me lol. UD has updated the status of my redemption to shipped now :)

    The second pull is awesome as you get to chose the player you want from the list available (My Patty is on the list :)) and they basically make the card for you using awesome swatches and the card produced is a 1/1 :)

    As for the knee, it will be a long process unfortunately :( but thank you :)
  19. garnett_21's Avatar
    Wow, what a pull from UD Black! That's probably the best card you could've pulled! Congrats on that pull!

    I must admit that I have no idea what the second pull it a redemption for a full game used jersey of a random player? I honestly have no, if you are happy with it, that's fantastic!

    BTW - hope your knee feels better soon!
  20. Enigma's Avatar
    Only the first taste of the wings was hot...otherwise, they were great...
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