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  1. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks, Matt! :) The card has to be something like "star PFs of the western conference, or former WC players (KG)".
  2. MatthewLee's Avatar
    Nice one Nathan...
    Kenyon even!!!
  3. garnett_21's Avatar
    Yes, it did...I remember it being a GU, but I cannot recall which one...but yes, I do remember it arriving awhile back...don't worry about being's fun, trust me
  4. avjp87's Avatar
    That is nuts!!! I just started my Steve Slaton PC. I think im nuts but did that Garnett get to you?
  5. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks...I keep hoping I can reach 25% here soon...he has nearly 5500 cards in existence already!
  6. avjp87's Avatar
    that's a lot of Garnetts
  7. garnett_21's Avatar
    Yeah, they are quite pricey...the two that I've bought have been $30 and $40, which is even on the cheap end compared to eBay...I'd like to be able to add 1/month, but I don't know that I can put out that much as of now...unless I win the

    lol, I saw that on a t-shirt in a catalog the other day, and just had to use it...too funny not to!
  8. Molina00's Avatar
    Well, you could always get an eBay account.
    Nevermind. I see what you mean. KG autos aren't cheap.

    Btw, I love your sig.

    What part of 'MUAH-HAHAHAHAHA' don't you understand?

    Updated 05-19-2010 at 05:24 PM by Molina00
  9. garnett_21's Avatar

    Yeah, but that's alright...even if I never reach super collector status on here, I'll still think my collection is pretty super But yeah, the GU requirement will be exceeded sometime in the next few months, I'd imagine...don't think I'll be able to attain another 30+ autos in the near future though...unless I win the lottery...which you kinda gotta play the lottery to win it...haha
  10. Molina00's Avatar
    Don't go gettin' all mushy on me now.

    Qualifications are a lot stricter than they are for baseball. Just need a minimum 15% of total cards there. I can see you getting the GU before long but autos is gonna by tough.
  11. garnett_21's Avatar
    Don't qualify yet...need a minimum of 25%, with 10% GU (he has about 2000) and 5% autos (he has nearly 700, and I own 3...or 4...can't recall). So, I'd love to, but I don't think I'll be able to in the near future. Thanks for the comment and support though!
  12. Molina00's Avatar
    You planning on going for the supercollector badge sometime? 1148 total with 168 game used is mighty impressive, and especially the rate you keep bringing in new KG's.
  13. garnett_21's Avatar
    That would've been known as a
  14. SingleDaddyof2's Avatar
    Wow, that is an impressive mailday Nathan! But it could be even more impressive if the package was full of [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Purple"]Lakers[/COLOR][/SIZE]! [B]------------------->[/B]
  15. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks! :-D As for the next 1000, hopefully it's not another 2 years like it took me to get my first 1000! ;-)
  16. Molina00's Avatar
    Hey Nathan. Congratulations bud. A thousand different cards of one player is quite an impressive achievement.

    How long until you get the next thousand?
  17. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks! I sure hope so...I figure if I can add 60+ over a month-plus, that's about 2 cards per day...definitely doable!

    And thanks again! If I start using eBay, I know it would be alot easier, but it's the money aspect of it...if you don't have it, it's better not to spend
  18. Molina00's Avatar
    Looks like a pretty good mail day to me. You shouldn't have much trouble cracking 1000 KG's next month. I know I said this already, but that really is impressive building a collection like that largely without using eBay.
  19. Umpy9's Avatar
    Glad I could help!
  20. garnett_21's Avatar
    Thanks, Houng! Last time I had it checked, there were 5020 different Garnett's in, alot! LOL But, I'm slowly increasing my numbers...eventually I'll look back and laugh at 800...kidding, of course ;-)
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