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  1. More Spring Training results came in!

    I have gotten two more Spring Training requests back. Brandon Wood signed 2/2 and Hank Conger has signed 1/1. Keep your eyes open as many others have started to report their ST results in the SCF baseball success threads.
  2. Kronozio
  3. TTM Spring Training

    Today was another nice autograph day. I had just recieved my first three autos from 2009 Spring Training. All three of the guys sent back both of the cards I sent autographed. Here they are:
    Steve Holm
    Chase Headley
    Kevin Pucetas
    I also was able to add two more autographs from the 2009 football team from The Ohio State University. I was gifted signed photos of QB Prior and DB Hines. Those look great with last weeks additions to my collection of RB Beanie Wells and DB Jenkins. ...
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