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  1. (2001 - Present) Topps Gold Border Parallel HAVES

    Hey everyone, I have been collecting the Topps Gold parallels since their reintroduction in 2001. It's not close to completetion but I am about 500 cards in. Here is what I have so far.

    If you are selling, I am willing to pay 0.25-0.35 per card for commons and stars are dependent on the player.

    If you are trading, I cannot trade right now because I am deployed to Afghanistan.

    If you want me to trade these or sell, please look elsewhere. This is a collection ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. An issue with eBay...

    Hey everyone,

    Well, here is another blog about something that has me steamed right now. So, if you care to listen then sit back, relax, and smok'em if you got'em.

    Since its release, I have been working on completing the 2003 UD Patch Collection set to include ALL Base, SPs, and the 62 manufactured patch cards.

    Well, the other day, there was a 2003 UD Patch Collection MVPs Stan Musial patch on eBay. The seller (whom shall remain nameless) had an opening ...
  4. Really Topps....Really?!

    Hey everyone,
    It's been awhile since my last blog, so here is another about something that has been burning me for sometime now. Like always, smoke'm if you got'em.

    In 2001, Topps reintroduced the Topps Gold parallels that originally came out in the 1992 set, inserted 1:36 (1 per box). The 2001 reintroduction were to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Topps. However, these new cards were serial numbered to the year of the release. Since 2001, Topps has released the parallel ...

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  5. My 2003 UD Patch Collection Set

    Hey everone, I have posted this in the forum but I doubt anyone sees it and am I really trying to finish off this set!

    The bolded cards are what I NEED!

    Any help is highly appreciated!


    2003 UD Patch Collection #1 Darin Erstad
    2003 UD Patch Collection #2 Troy Glaus
    2003 UD Patch Collection #3 Robby Hammock
    2003 UD Patch Collection #4 Luis Gonzalez
    2003 UD Patch Collection #5 Randy Johnson (SP)
    2003 ...

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  6. Where have all the nickel, dime, and quarter bins gone?!

    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to take some time out to rant/question another thing that I have noticed lately...


    I have been a member on this website for some time now and these seem to be getting rarer and harder to come across. I search this things endlessly; hoping to find a card that could finish a set or start another one.

    Additionally, when considering the option to sell cards, most collectors ...

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