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  1. Alaskan Eye Candy Part 3

  2. Kronozio
  3. Alaskan Eye Candy Part 2

  4. Alaska Eye Candy

    I figured Id use this blog to show the beauty of the state I live in-hey with no race tracks within 2000 miles of me and a current temperature outside right now of minus 17 degrees-Id show you guys a few of the perks of living through the harshness lol:

    Note: All of these pictures were taken by me or my dad-most of em are mine. And a few are from the zoo-the wolves, snow leopard, and eagle through the cage-all the rest are truely in the wild:

    Go to Part 2 and 3 Blogs ...

    Updated 01-05-2009 at 01:53 AM by race crazy

  5. Chargers-Colts Game-and an Opinion

    Well I just watched the game-quite exciting I must say! (see I told yall i would blog about other sports and things haha).

    A few thoughts:

    The Colts either had a LOT of problems with San Diego (as usual) or they werent as good as I thought. I thought San Diego deserved to win-and i was surprised.

    Being a Detroit Lions fan (god help us all), I dont have much care in who really wins these games but I like watching them.

    Now onto my opinion: ...
  6. Congrats to Carl Edwards and Dr. Kate Downey

    For getting married January 3rd! YAY-my favorite driver is smart-he married a doctor for goodness sakes-and shes pretty! LOL.

    Congrats to them and sorry to all the lady fans that hes off the market haha:

    Carl and Kate-Phoenix Fall 08:

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