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    I say make me offer because I dont want the *public* seeing how cheap i would go..and I generally want the card to go to someone that is NOT going to resell it.
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    I always wanted to go to a show.

    Just curious to know, were there any hockey card vendors in a place like Sacramento?

    Nice Sutton card, I have a Willie Mays I presume is from the same set and year, as it has the same brown border. I always thought that they looked like cool cards.
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    that should say "makes", not maes
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    Dude talk about a year and a half later. I do not have a problem with you, but your post maes no sense at all. Read it again, and then try to figure out what you are talking about because I sure can not.
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    Do you have a problem?
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    So true, so true.
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    No problem. Glad you liked it.
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    Very good advice, some things I had already thought of but not all of that. One thing I like to do is keep full wax packs from say 20 years ago. They are already old and will not lose much value, and may gain some. I also keep empty wax packs from every issue I buy. That way I can look at the back and see what "promos" were in the packs that year, and know if I want to get any more. Thanks again for the advice.
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    I really like this idea and agree. My friend bought a box of 2007 SP Legendary Cuts. He pulled a 1/1 Dwight D. Eisenhower Memrable moments. I was happy for him, as it was his first box, since rejoining the hobby, and a little put off that I had never pulled a 1/1 in all my hobby box purchases. Well, I went to post it on EBAY and what did I find. Another 1/1 of Dwight D. Eisenhower 2007 SP GU legendary cuts memorable moments!!!! Well the sly company had simply placed a different memorable moment on the card. Same picure, same card...should have been a 1/1 but really is not. This incident made me realize the deception of the 1/1 rather early and all the different borders, and refractors by companies, like the ones found in Finest are ridiculous. My goal is to collect every card of Jared Dudley and Craig SMith, yet I need to find all these numbered cards of different colors. It really puts a damper on the task since the cards are truly the same. I just traded for a 1/1 printing plate of Topps first Row. It is a magenta Orion Greene, a celtic, which I also collect. Now how many more of these in diffrent colors are is too is not a 1/1 but maybe a 1/25 1/50...I dunno but not a true 1/1
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    No one cares if someone cheated ? That statement alone is what is wrong with people today. So you would agree it is okay to cheat on the MCATS ? Or it is okay to cheat in a Little League game ? Manny being a poster boy for "CHEATING" is not a good place to start!
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    Do you know how to write??
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    this is fake. no one take steroids in the nfl :) thats y i collect football
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    It's funny how I can edit comments. *changes comments to "your a genius"
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    You guys are just like everyone else. Just believe what you are told. That's the problem with America.
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    lies. does adrian prterson take steroids. no. he earned where he is because he worked hard
    Updated 05-14-2009 at 05:46 PM by 24redsfan
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    What NFL players have used steroids? you don't know anything.
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    thats a bunch of lies.
    no one uses steroids in the nfl
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    yay rated 5
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    I just voted it excellent.