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Gary's Medical Situation...

Miss you guys once more. Just wanted to say hi. I won't say this is my last good bye. But I wanted to fill you in on a lot of whats been going on in my life. In the early part of June I became very anemic, or atleast thats what the doc's have told me. On top of all that I came down with numonya. Neither of these are things are good for my health let alone anyone else. after being in the Hospital from early june through early july, then had to go to rehab at Texas rehab Fort Worth for 2 more weeks was hard as well. I though I was making great strides to get well. After being released on monday, I had a mild hard atack, or at least thats what it felt like to me. The same day i got out of the hospital, I ended up going right back to the hospital. This time i was diagnosed and treat for a Heart Catherization here at Harris FT Worth. I don't know how or even why god is punishing me for so much. Its been a live hell for me, and I try every day to tell myself to stay positive. But dang this mess with my health has got to stop or i wont be here much longer. At the momont I'm talking to you on my labtop here in my room. Anyone wants to say hello, my room is Cardiac 415, anbd my room phone # is 817 250-6415. I'm bored out out of my rear. Please help me...Come take me away from all this crap. I been asking people all evening to change jobs with me. but as you can tell there have been no takers. Mark I just want you to know whats been going on with me. You have always been nice to me, so for that matter I have no problem telling you all this stuff. I been telling people to pass these things a long to everyone on facebook. Well my finers are tiring so i need to run. I will try to update everyone as soon as I can. Thanks for all the mail.


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