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  1. News For Wednesday

    Well it has been a rather busy and hectic couple of days. Trying to sort and price about 1500 cards that came in on Saturday, unpack stock orders, open a couple of boxes myself and rearrange my store.

    The new displays look great (if I do say so myself) and they hold a lot of stuff. Got our new Stanley Cup Boston Bruins stuff in. The Champions box set, Stanley Cup patch and the pennant.

    Opened some boxes and pulled the following decent cards:
    05-06 Ultra Sidney Crosby ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Angry

    I just finished a rather curious exchange with a seller from that wonderful site known as e**y. He was listing a card as "HOT" and the "shortest print RC". I sent him a polite email stating that this card isn't recognized as a RC. The bottom line to him was that the buyer should beware of what they are buying, not that he shouldn't be lying in his posting
    Guys like this really me off. First they lie and then defend their lies. It brings me back to an email ...
  4. 2010-11 Score Rookie & Traded Box Sets

    Well the 2010-11 Score Rookie & Traded Box Sets came out and we busted a couple of them. Not bad cards and each set had an auto BUT.....many of the cards including the autos had dinged corners !! On closer examination these sets weren't packed very well with lots of space for card movement. Panini should have put spacers to the outsides to keep the cards from moving. Already several of my customers are sending emails off to Panini complaining about this. I did manage to get a nice Keith Aulie ...
  5. Panini All Goalies

    Well I have had the 2010-11 Panini All Goalies Box Set in stock for a little while and by all accounts it is selling very well. I broke three open and within a couple of days I have sold all of the parallels, goalie sweater cards and about 60% of the singles. My best parallel was of Patrick Roy which fetched almost ten bucks. The goalie sweaters were less interesting selling for two bucks a piece. I guess the interesting thing for me was seeing what was available and now finding it on Beckett. The ...
  6. 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box Break

    I busted about 8 boxes over the weekend so here I go trying to catch up.

    2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box Break was not bad I said previously I have a habit of pulling Taylor Hall or P.K. Subban cards and the trend continued with the Subban Young Gun.

    2 Yzerman Heroes
    20th Anniversary ...
    Box Breaks