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  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    That's because he's living in his own delusional fantasy world. Kind of like President Trump......
  2. JFried1029's Avatar
    Jacob- Unfortunately I think Lavar Ball has a short memory regarding anything that contradicts his comments.
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Lonzo Ball hasn't played a second of an NBA game, and papa is already trying to turn him into a pariah. As I wrote, Lavar is looking for his 15 minutes, and he's milking it for more than it's worth. Nobody'd heard of him until his son decided to turn pro (well, daddy made the decision for him), to tell you the truth.
  4. JFried1029's Avatar
    Jacob- I think your comments are well put. I can't imagine spending that type of money on sneakers, especially sneakers of a player who right now has the same number of points scored in the NBA as you and me. I think Lavar is only hurting his son's future.
  5. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Care to translate?

    Anyone else have constructive commentary?
  6. manthis's Avatar
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  7. hobbyfan's Avatar
    @bakemeister52: That was my point. Boras is only interested in lining his wallet than actually step up and help his clients when they get in trouble. He's not doing Harvey any favors.
  8. bakemeister52's Avatar
    Boras doesn't care about anybody but his wallet. Harvey needs to be an adult and make the right choices or he is gone. Especially being in New York, you can't get away with anything.
  9. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Thanks, Scott.

    Harvey has let all the hype go to his head, and Boras ain't helping him in this case. I think part of an agent's responsibility is to keep his client out of trouble. That's how they do things in Hollywood, and it should be the same in sports. Boras, however, would rather exploit his clients to fatten his wallet, and seemingly has no public opinion on his clients' shortcomings. For someone who craves attention as much as Boras does when it comes to negotiating contracts, he also needs to look out for his clients' well-being off the field.

    Otherwise, Harvey's path of self-destruction will go on unabated, and Boras will be partially to blame for not keeping Harvey's off-field life in check. Someone has to.
  10. scottkoz20's Avatar
    so, how do you really feel?!?! :)

    interesting read!
  11. hobbyfan's Avatar
    That's because the Yanks are in "win now" mode, stockpiling the farm system at the same time. Moving Nova might come back to bite them---it usually does---but we'll see.
  12. chris_brown's Avatar
    and it wont be a stretch to see Hal Steinbrenner go out and bring in more aging veterans to take thier place,while letting guys like Ivan Nova slip away without getting much of a return
  13. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Kibler's from New York? Where exactly?
  14. bblair_2002's Avatar
    Not too many famous sports figures from our region for sure. Only ones I can think of are Bill Dahlen,Pat Riley,Dottie Pepper and longtime MLB umpire John Kibler.
  15. gojacks's Avatar
    It's simple. There is more talent in the other regions. Football just isn't the big sport in that region. Especially for high school aged kids.
  16. hobbyfan's Avatar
    It beats me how Fraudcesa has lasted so long. There's something in the water in NYC to allow bloviators like Fraudcesa & Trump to manipulate the masses. Can't stand either one of them.
  17. scottkoz20's Avatar
    so, how do you really feel?
  18. hobbyfan's Avatar
    So, why has there been a very small percentage of players from NY in the pros through the years? What other states have also gotten the, ah, short shrift?
  19. Trevor44's Avatar
    Got to agree with gojacks, I believe it's in the best interest of teams to take the best player available, and I don't think they have a negative bias about a region.
  20. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Well, let's look at it from a geographic perspective. The percentage of NY kids going to the pros, be it NFL or CFL, is very low. Probably the lowest in the east, for all we know.

    It just irks me that my home area keeps getting the short end of the stick.
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