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  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Looks like unless I get some fresh product soon, I'm going to be looking at a factory set for 2020 Topps. You'd think that at this point, these greedy people would just cool down and let someone else have their share, but no.
  2. mrveggieman's Avatar
    Yeah it's all over the country. I'm just going to wait it out because the market will come to a crash. I'm the meanwhile I'm focusing on picking up older cards to TTM.
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    The funny part is that these people are ignoring the Pokemon and other collectible card games, otherwise kids would have nothing.

    The Troy Walmart hadn't put up rationing signs for cards as of last week, but if they get enough complaints, maybe.

    Once again, I'm asking the box breakers here at SCF to offer some constructive commentary to explain the explosion of interest in 2020 product.
  4. PennsylvaniaTiger's Avatar
    I bought a Topps series 1 box at Target for kid’s Easter basket, pre-pandemic, everything looked normal. Just looked yesterday, tried 3 Targets and a Walmart and all I could find were stickers. One Target had a “rationing” sign up, same as they do in the hand sanitizer aisle, limit of 3 items per household. Frustrating
  5. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I found out on another board that the "hoarders" are box breakers & flippers, the latter being the greedy types who are reselling on eBay. These people are not using common courtesy or sense, and thinking only with their bottom lines in mind.

    I'd like to have the box breakers here at SCF chime in, and explain to me the sudden surge in interest, aside from the pandemic causing a different strain of cabin fever, if you will.
  6. David K.'s Avatar
    People think there worth more so their hoarding them....I'm in Fresno, CA...about a few miles from the largest Walmart in CA......Asked for help from police officer inside of the store.....he showed it to me and it looked like a hurricane hit the collectors items....all the current stuff was gone....only a few packs of the 2020 Topps I were lefted over! Best regards, David
  7. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I keep hearing that certain players had bad seasons, then try to get top dollar as free agents, thanks largely to leeches like Boras feeding them misinformation on purpose. He's ignoring market trends on purpose. Sooner or later, this will finally bite him so hard in his wallet that he may have no choice but to wake up, pay attention, and change the way he operates. Either that, or the MLBPA may have to decertify him.....
  8. WizardofOz1982's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 10braves
    The free agents want top money when they know they are not top players, but Boras tells them what they want to hear and not the truth which is basically why players have signed smaller contracts hoping that they can get ,the all mighty $$$ next season

    Historically teams have rewarded the top free agents in a bad free agent class with a big contract because they were the best player available. That's dumb business practice but it was still the practice historically so why expect any different? The owner's changing it up threw everyone for a loop I think.
    Updated 03-17-2018 at 10:11 AM by WizardofOz1982
  9. 10braves's Avatar
    The free agents want top money when they know they are not top players, but Boras tells them what they want to hear and not the truth which is basically why players have signed smaller contracts hoping that they can get ,the all mighty $$$ next season
  10. WizardofOz1982's Avatar
    I don't get the Boras hate. He's paid a considerable amount of money that depends on how much money his clients make. He is very good at that usually. Owners stonewalling Boras has little to do with this situation this year. The fact of the matter is that this free agent class sucks. Martinez and Darvish were the two best Free Agents and neither one is close to a top 10 player in the league but they both wanted top 10 money. Throw in the fact that all the teams that usually spend big were diving under the cap this year so they could make a run at Harper, Kershaw, and Machado next year and you get a very bad year in which to be a free agent.
  11. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Since I wrote this, Gonzalez has reupped with Colorado, and Moustakas likewise with KC, each for 1 year. If they're stupid enough not to blame Boras for this, they have no clue what is wrong with the business.
  12. bakemeister52's Avatar
    Very well said, Mr Boras, hopefully your time to make the big big money off of your clients is slowing down. The players need to go back to the old days when you need your own talking. He has taken the excitement out of Baseball to me. Players go where the all mighty dollar is not loyalty to a team. Owners need to not play Mr Boras's game.
  13. hobbyfan's Avatar
    That's because he's living in his own delusional fantasy world. Kind of like President Trump......
  14. JFried1029's Avatar
    Jacob- Unfortunately I think Lavar Ball has a short memory regarding anything that contradicts his comments.
  15. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Lonzo Ball hasn't played a second of an NBA game, and papa is already trying to turn him into a pariah. As I wrote, Lavar is looking for his 15 minutes, and he's milking it for more than it's worth. Nobody'd heard of him until his son decided to turn pro (well, daddy made the decision for him), to tell you the truth.
  16. JFried1029's Avatar
    Jacob- I think your comments are well put. I can't imagine spending that type of money on sneakers, especially sneakers of a player who right now has the same number of points scored in the NBA as you and me. I think Lavar is only hurting his son's future.
  17. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Care to translate?

    Anyone else have constructive commentary?
  18. manthis's Avatar
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  19. hobbyfan's Avatar
    @bakemeister52: That was my point. Boras is only interested in lining his wallet than actually step up and help his clients when they get in trouble. He's not doing Harvey any favors.
  20. bakemeister52's Avatar
    Boras doesn't care about anybody but his wallet. Harvey needs to be an adult and make the right choices or he is gone. Especially being in New York, you can't get away with anything.
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