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  1. Great find at tuesday morning!!

    I was over at a Tuesday morning store near me and I was just looking around then all of the sudden I thought Baseball cards!

    I asked a worker if they had any and he said we might look over near the outdoor/sports stuff. I got over there and what did I find? I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 1 blaster packs for $9.99 each then I got 2 2012 topps baseball series 2 blaster packs for the same price! they also had 1 2013 topps blaster pack $12.99 . And the real surprise of the day! ...

    Hi I have some questions that l hope will be answered.

    I'm going to a baseball game this Sunday and Monday and I was wondering whats a good way to get players attenion to sign and whats a good way to get on tv? thanks for helping.

    The reward will be your choice of card from my collection for the best answer given.

    There must be 5 replys for me to pick a winner.

    Updated 05-22-2013 at 01:14 AM by patsgetgronked

  3. I need your jordan pacheco cards!!!

    Hi there I need all the cards I can get of the player listed above and below.
    Eric Young Jr.
    I'm looking to do an even swap so one card for another type thing. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  4. Buying cards!!

    Hey guys I need to buy some cards. Here is the list of players I would like.
    Jordan Pacheo 5x
    Eric Young Jr. 2x
    Heath Bell 3x
    Pat Neshek 3x
    Joe Nathan 3x
    AJ Pollock 2x
    Wade Miley 2x

    I mainley/only want Topps base cards I dont want anything fancy just the base cards. Will pay up to 5.00$ for the cards.

    Updated 05-14-2013 at 09:45 PM by patsgetgronked

  5. Arizona IP Success

    Hey guys! I wanted to start listing the autos that I got IP at the D-Backs games. The first game I went to this year was against the Pirates and I got Andrew McCutchen on a 2012 Topps card. A Charlie Nagy auto on a 1988 topps card. Then the next game I went to was against the Rockies and I got a career high for me! The first one I got was Ian Kennedy on a 2013 topps card. Then I got Wade Miley on a 2013 topps card I noticed the Rox were signing so I ran over there and got Jordan Pacheco on a 2013 ...

    Updated 05-03-2013 at 02:33 AM by patsgetgronked