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  1. Decided to create an Albert Pujols RC Registry on PSA

    I'm looking for PSA graded RCs of Albert Pujols. I'm looking to fill in ANY of the missing cards in my collection. Check out the set at PSA. It is under rob_w_reeves, currently listed 4th finest for PSA graded Pujols RC sets (though a far cry from the top 3). The only one I'm not looking to buy right now is the big dog, the Bowman Crome, which books for $3800 in PSA 9. I want to get a little closer to completion befor I decide to drop that kind of coin on the center piece of the collection. ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Just joined, interested in trading Graded Cards

    After a LONG time off of collecting, I have gotten back into it. I collect primarily graded rookie cards of Pujols, Jeter, Miguel Cabrera and many players that I grew up watching in the 80s and early 90s who are in (or are locks for) the Hall of fame.

    So far, eBay has been the only viable option, but that means buying and selling (and commissions...BIG commissions). If I end up selling cards on this site, that is great, but the primary reason for joining is trading cards I have two ...