• Trade Manager Guide

    Once you've located someone to trade with in the forums you can start using the trade manager. There is a "Trade Manager" link in the navigation bar or you can go through your User CP to get to it: https://www.sportscardforum.com/trade.php?do=list

    First thing you'll see the 30 day view of all your trade happenings. This view shows you all the trades and where they are and covers the last 30 days. Notice on the right side there are minus buttons to collapse a category if there too many trades in one category you can collapse to make the viewing easier.

    Now notice on your left side you'll find the trading manager header below the private messages header. You can click on list trades. This acts as a complete log of all trades and where they are. Whereas the 30 day review just shows the past 30 days worth of trades.

    To begin a trade click the "post trade" link. You will be confronted with a form to fill out that is fairly intuitive. Spellings of member names must be exact. If a person is sending first, please specify this in the trade. When your done you can click the "submit trade" button.

    What happens here is that a PM has been sent to the other trader notifying them of this trade, they can do several things you'll find out later.

    Now go back to the 30 day review list and you'll find your trade under the " Awaiting Trades" category.

    Click on the ID number of the trade and you'll find a trade review screen showing all the information on the trade. Over the course of the trade the information will be updated and status changed. The first thing you may want to do is plug in your DC number and address.

    Now what you want to do is confirm this awaiting trade. You and the other trader must both confirm the trade to get things started. To do this you goto the top right drop down labeled "trade actions".

    Select confirm and your all set for now. Now the other trader must confirm the trade and fill in their DC and address.

    If you go back to the 30 day review you'll find that your trade is listed under a different category and will often change around depending what needs to be done with the trade and what is happening to it.

    Once both parties confirm the trade it's sent to the confirmed trading category, also the trade is automatically posted in the "Trades In Progress" forum with the basic details of the trade.

    Now you both ship your items as usual. When you receive your items you can update the trade by clicking on the ID number in the 7 day review and goto the "trade actions" drop down and select "complete". Both users must confirm completions for it to become complete. If both choose complete it enters it's final category and you'll be prompted to give feedback on the user through the trade details screen. Also automatically the thread in the "Trades In Progress" forum will be moved to the "Completed Trades" forum.

    Congrats you are finished! Now you will always have a record of this trade with full details!

    Now obviously there are more things to this trade manager. Other options you can choose is that you can reject a trade. If someone inputed wrong cards or you don't like the proposed trade you can simply reject it and it's over before it started.

    Also you can dispute a trade. If something goes wrong you can select dispute trade and it will goto the dispute trade category. Also it will automatically generate a help desk ticket for staff to discuss in. There you can communicate with staff and hopefully bring your trade back on the success train. If not, then you may leave negative feedback and select cancel trade.

    Phew! This is a lot of ingest, but I think most of you will be able to grasp all of this in no time and figure it all out!

    I would like to also mention that staff will only be able to help you in a dispute now if you use trade manager and use DC.

    Please review the following attached graphics that go along with the guide.

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