• SCF Site Rules

    Welcome to Sports Card Forum (SCF), the best online trading and sports discussion community in the world. As a valuable member of our community, we ask that you take the time to read through the rules and restrictions that we ask all our members to adhere. Membership is free, however SCF is privately owned and we reserve the right to revoke anyone’s membership if our policies cannot be followed and any comments posted on the SCF that violate our SCF Rules are routinely removed.

    In an effort to maintain the integrity of Sportscardforum.com, and to provide a comfortable environment for people to communicate, we ask that you please follow these Rules when posting on this site. These Rules are global and take effect on every area on this site. Moderators may choose to enact specific guidelines for a forum which are to be taken as an extension of these Rules when posting and visiting that specific forum. These specific guidelines are usually sticky topics or announcements placed at the top of the specific forum.

    Pour les Règles de SCF en Français visitez nos Règlememt du Site SCF.

    I. Trading/Selling
    II. Must Send First
    III. Account Information
    IV. Multiple Accounts
    V. Posting Guidelines
    VI. Trade Manager Rules
    VII. Trade Feedback
    VIII. Language
    IX. Private Message System
    X. Advertising and Spam
    XI. Copyright Infringement
    XII. Signatures and User Names
    XIII. Avatars/Pictures
    XIV. Card Cash Store
    XVI. Infraction System
    XVII. Bad Trader Group
    XVIII. Contact Us/Report Issues
    XIX. Miscellaneous
    Article I. Trading/Selling: SCF prides itself on its daily traders and will continue to do so as we have certain expectations that keep our members coming back every day.
    Section 1.01 Members cannot trade/sell any of the following:
    (a) Incoming Cards – All items must be in your possession before you can post them in the Trade Manager. This includes any pending trades as well as all auction wins.
    (b) Weapons – No weapons or weapons components of any kind are permitted to be traded or sold on the site. This includes slings, grips, optics, magazines, knives, blades, nunchukus, brass knuckles, black jacks, batons, sling shots, paint ball guns, air soft guns, BB guns, ammunition, etc.
    (c) Grab Bags – These are the lots that will contain a possible chance of certain cards. The exception to this is team lots (lots that only contain usually commons of a particular team) and they can only be sold to cover the cost of shipping.
    (d) Packs/Boxes – No selling of packs or wax boxes of cards is permitted on SCF unless you are a staff member or sponsor. Factory sealed boxes of cards can be traded, but not packs.
    (e) Custom Cards/Reprints - Anything using a company's design work, logo, etc., cannot be traded or sold. Likewise, any sort of facsimile of a person's autograph without their consent cannot be traded or sold.
    (f) Live Animals of any kind are prohibited from being traded or sold on SCF.
    Section 1.02 Group Breaks and Auctions:
    (a) Auctions – No cards can be traded or sold in an auction style or format. This includes time-restricted trades/sales, guaranteed or not.
    (b) SCF Staff Group Breaks - Only permitted to be conducted by staff. All must get permission from the General Manager.
    (c) SCF Sponsor Group Breaks - Only permitted to be conducted by an advertiser, with SCF Management approval, after meeting the following criteria:

    1. Must have a business license.
    2. Must have a wax business website in which you receive product either directly from the manufacturer, a distributor, or a wholesaler. Contact the SCF Site Administrator to submit your license and website information here: Enigma
    3. Must have a banner ad on the site. At least 3 months paid for. See Article X section 10.2 for SCF Advertising details.
    4. General Manager must be given a write up showing costs:
      1. Case/box cost
      2. Supplies cost
      3. Shipping costs
      4. Cost per member to include all of the above

    Section 1.03 - Buying/Selling - In transactions that involve a buy/sell for cash, paypal, etc.:

    (a) Buyer is expected to send payment first. In the event the Seller has less than 20 feedback or is a permanent MSF member, refer to Section 2.01 and 2.05

    (b) Seller sends upon receipt of payment (unless agreed upon otherwise). Seller must send within 3 days in accordance with Section 6.09

    (c) Any agreements outside of this protocol should be documented in the Trade Manager

    Article II. Must Send First (MSF): As the #1 Trading and Discussion site on the net, we garner numerous new members daily. As a new member, it is imperative that you establish yourself on SCF.
    Section 2.01 MSF Less Than 20 Feedback Score - All members with a trader rating fewer than 20 must send first on a transaction. It does not matter if you are buying, selling or trading.

    Section 2.02 If both members have less than 20 feedbacks they must send at the same time.

    Section 2.03 If a member with 20 or more feedback score sends at the same time with a member with less than 20 feedback score, or any MSF tag, that member waives his/her right to file a dispute on SCF.

    Section 2.04 Any trader with an MSF badge is required by the site to send first under all circumstances, buying, trading, and selling.

    Section 2.05 Permanent MSF Badge - There are times when issues arise and traders have difficulty completing transactions in a timely fashion. These traders eventually attain a permanent MSF on all transactions badge. If a member has a permanent MSF badge, they must send first in every instance, even when dealing with new members.

    ex: https://www.sportscardforum.com/photo...first_test.gif I MUST SEND FIRST ON ALL TRANSACTIONS

    Section 2.06 Transfer Feedback - Members who have 20 or more feedback from other trading sites may post a transfer request in our Feedback Transfer Forum.

    Section 2.07 Members with transferred feedback and SCF feedback totaling 20 or more do not need to send first.

    Section 2.08 Other Trading Sites - SCF does respect and honor all feedback history from the following sites:
    (a) Sports Card Freaks
    (b) Trader Retreat
    (c) Hobby Insider
    (d) Rusty Soap Box/Sports Card Haven
    (e) The Bench
    (f) UCB
    (g) NUTS
    (h) TCC
    (i) NSCF
    (j) Hobby Kings
    (k) Beckett (as of December 14, 2009)
    (l) Blowoutcards.com (as of April 23, 2010)
    (m) Dascardboard (as of June 28th, 2010)
    (n) Connexionhck.com (as of December 28th, 2010)
    (o) Topshelfhockey (as of January 10, 2011)
    Section 2.09 SCF Escrow Service – SCF offers its members an Escrow service in which high end items for trade can be administered by SCF. For details on this service see this thread: How Escrow Works

    Article III. Account Information:
    Section 3.01 As part of membership on SCF, applicants are expected to fill out a profile to reflect their full legal name, full mailing address and phone number.

    Section 3.02 This information is only viewable to the individual member and SCF staff. However, trade partners will be able to view the full name and address only, within the SCF Trade Manager.

    Section 3.03 Failure to comply will affect member status on SCF. Non conforming member profiles will automatically be tagged with a “No Buy/Sell/Trade” Tag until SCF has the full legal and correct information.

    Article IV. Multiple Accounts:
    Section 4.01 Multiple accounts on one IP are not permitted without the permission of the SCF staff. Any duplicate accounts without staff permission can or will be banned. If creation of multiple accounts persists, all accounts will be banned including the original account.

    Section 4.02 If you are a family member and plan on having separate accounts, you must contact a staff member before creating the second account. Otherwise, you risk getting yourself and the other family member banned from the site.

    Section 4.03 If SCF members sharing an IP, at the same physical address, break SCF rules, other members with that IP address face the same action against their account. SCF members who will be sharing IP and physical address should contact the Member Relations Team.

    Section 4.04 Members are not permitted to share an account with anyone else, unless it is a COPPA compliant member and that member's parents/guardians.
    Article V. Posting Guidelines:
    Section 5.01 SCF offers a wide range of forums. Always locate the proper forum before posting. If you are unsure, contact a member of the staff to assist you.

    Section 5.02 Thread hijacking or trolling is not permitted on SCF. Hijacking a thread is considered taking over a thread that you did not originally create and posting something that has nothing to do with its actual subject matter. Examples are trying to sell or trade cards in a thread where the original thread starter is doing the same or jumping in a thread to elicit information about an item that was not mentioned by the thread starter. To remedy this, simply create a new thread. Trolling is considered making comments in someone's thread in provocation to create emotional distress towards other people or picking a fight.

    Section 5.03 Members may not bump their own thread more than once in an 8-hour period. Bumping is considered any post that is not in response to a previous post. This includes items such as “ttt”, “bump”, “list updated”, etc. Please note that this rule applies to the trading and buying/selling forums.

    Section 5.04 Posting on a thread in the effort to help another members thread stay at or near the top of a forum, otherwise known as "friendly bumping" is not allowed. Friendly bumps constitutes a post that has nothing to do with the thread topic or just a blatant post, staff will use their discretion when determining "friendly bumping".

    Section 5.05 Posting a thread for the purpose of having someone give or look up a book value on an item is prohibited (copyright infringement). If you are in trade talks, book values can be used and posted as long as the source is not cited.

    Section 5.06 When you post cards for trade, please combine your lists to a single post instead of having multiple threads for a single card/player. This rule is to help let everyone have an equal chance of having their thread on the front page longer instead of a single person having multiple threads dominating the whole page.

    Section 5.07 Member-Run Contests
    Any member who wants to run a contest must first:
    A. Click and read this: Gaining Required Approval for Member-run Contests
    B. Send a private message (PM) to the SCF Contest Manager for contest approval prior to posting it. View SCF staff.
    Section 5.08 Please do not post any trader information such as addresses, feedback or email addresses directly on the forums. This is private information.

    Section 5.09 There is no gambling of any kind on SCF including fantasy sports leagues, betting cards, betting card cash, or anything that has value.

    Section 5.10 SCF Staff members reserve the right to close or delete any post or thread that may be deemed unacceptable or improper for this website.
    Article VI. Trade Manager Rules:
    Section 6.01 Senders are responsible for items until received by their trade partner. This is why SCF recommends insurance and/or delivery confirmation.

    Section 6.02 All trades must be made with the trade manager. Failure to do so forfeits any right to dispute moderation by SCF staff.

    Section 6.03 Items must be "in hand" to be posted in the trade manager.

    Section 6.04 Incoming cards cannot be posted for trade in the Trade Manager. You may discuss trading incoming cards, but cannot finalize a trade until the card is in your possession. Failure to do so will result in an infraction being issued.

    Section 6.05 Any item received from a transaction posted in the trade manager, cards, money sent through the mail, Pay-Pal , etc., cannot be dealt or sold until the transaction is marked completed by both members. If a dispute is filed, the member who dealt the item would be subject to warnings, infractions, or any actions SCF Staff deem necessary.

    Section 6.06 If after 14 days (or 21 days for international trades) a trade is not marked complete in the Trade Manager, either trader may contact staff for assistance. SCF staff will contact the other trader to verify the transaction status. Staff will not mark trades complete but will add a note to the account if a response is not received. SCF Staff will then notify the trader that the deal is considered complete.

    Section 6.07 If you choose to ignore the Must Send First status of a member in a trade, you waive the right for SCF staff to assist you should a problem arise.

    Section 6.08 If a person is sending first in the trade, please specify this in the terms of the trade in the trade manager.

    Section 6.09 Trades must be sent within 3 working days of confirming in the Trade Manager unless other terms are negotiated and listed in the trade. This applies to paypal payments as well. This section does not supersede Article II - MSF.

    Section 6.10 Any prior damage must be reported to your potential trade partner.

    Section 6.11 Trading or selling of weapons of any kinds is not allowed. See section 1.01 (b).

    Section 6.12 Members cannot trade/sell/buy any video game rated “M”, movie rated “R”, or music with explicit lyrics unless members are of the appropriate age.

    Section 6.13 No grab bags are allowed. Members must know explicitly what they are getting. Sales of team lots of just base cards are exempt from this section.

    Section 6.14 Sending out free cards or in person trades are not eligible for feedback and cannot be posted in the Trade Manager. That includes SASEs.

    Section 6.15 Deals involving trades where neither party sends anything through the mail (other than a form of monetary payment) cannot be posted in the Trade Manager.

    Section 6.16 Pre-selling of items, or requiring advance payments to order in bulk, is prohibited here on SCF. Advance payment for group breaks run by SCF staff in accordance with 1.02 (b) are exempt from this section. For members seeking to engage in such transactions, we recommend the SCF Affiliate Program or SCF Ad Package. See 10.02 for details.

    Section 6.17 DISPUTED TRADES:
    (a) Confirmed deals may be put into dispute status after 14 business days of it being confirmed.
    (b) If your deal has you receiving paypal as payment you may put it into dispute after 5 days.
    (c) Do not leave feedback for a deal until the dispute MOD tells you to.
    (d) If you have more than 1 dispute filed against you at a time then you will be given a No Buying/Selling/Trading tag until all of your current all deals (confirmed open deals) are completed. Then the tag will be removed.
    (e) Failure to follow the rules only slows down the dispute process and the time it takes the dispute MOD to work your case.
    Article VII.Trade Feedback:
    Section 7.01 Traders may leave feedback after the trade has been completed.
    (a) Positive or Neutral feedback may be left using the trade manager functions.
    (b) Negative feedback may only be left after the following actions have been taken:
    i. The trade must be entered into dispute.
    ii. No feedback shall be left util the SCF Moderator handling the dispute has instructed the member to do so.
    (c) Retaliatory feedback or improper feedback will be removed and actions will be taken against your account if you are caught.
    Section 7.02 Feedback Fraud/Abuse constitutes the posting of multiple trades/sales that are to be mailed in the same package.
    (a) Multiple deals in the same package are only eligible for one feedback as only one package is being mailed.
    (b) Multiple Trade Manager (TM) trades or SCF Storefront purchases between the same seller/buyer, that are made within the same calender date, are only eligible for one feedback. Members should contact an SCF Moderator for assistance in modifying a posted trade in the TM. Failure to do this may result in an infraction against the members account.
    Article VIII. Language:
    Section 8.01 The use of foul or hostile language posted on SCF will not be tolerated. This includes any derogatory statements and profanity.

    Section 8.02 Using symbols to represent letters or to cover letters/words is not permitted either as the words are easy to decipher. This includes any attempt to work around our foul word filter or using abbreviations for foul words. Words caught by the foul word filter will appear on the boards blanked out by "™™™" and an infraction will still be handed out for their use.

    Section 8.03 Threads containing links to videos (such as on YouTube) or outside websites (i.e. articles, blogs, etc.) containing inappropriate language in the link's primary content will be archived and an infraction will be handed out for their use.

    Section 8.04 Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted. Insults and negative attitudes are not allowed. It is better to walk away from a possible confrontation and come back with constructive arguments after you have cooled off.

    Section 8.05 All members have the right to their own ideas, beliefs and faiths. Members have the right to express these on SCF with equal respect and consideration if they are not disruptive.
    Article IX. Private Message System:
    Section 9.01 The SCF PM system is to be used for one-on-one contact. We do not allow “Member’s Name, Come Here!” type threads. That’s why we have a PM system.

    Section 9.02 Members are expected to conduct themselves in the same manner in a PM as on the boards.

    Section 9.03 If you are having issues reaching a member by PM and it is of an urgent matter such as a trade issue, contact a staff member to assist you.

    Section 9.04 PM Abuse is taken seriously. If you are caught spamming, insulting, or otherwise negative behavior through our Private Message system actions against your account will be taken.
    Article X. Advertising and Spam:
    Section 10.01 We do not allow spamming of other sites on SCF, unless they are in our network of sites. Our network of sites includes Trader Retreat, Absolute Hobbyist and Non Sports Card Forum. If you are not linking to those sites, then it is considered spam.

    Section 10.02 We do have an Affiliate program as well as offer SCF Advertising opportunities to anyone with a personal gains website. This includes all non-sports card related sites as well as sites where you receive compensation for referrals. Contact the Off Site Relations Manager for further details on these programs.
    Article XI. Copyright Infringement:
    Section 11.01 Copyright infringement is illegal. SCF will respect the law. Please do not post items, images, etc. that contain blatant copyright infringements. SCF reserves the right to remove or limit the use of any such items from posts, banners, etc.

    Section 11.02 Never post an article in its entirety. When posting copyrighted material, please use small sections or link to the article. When posting copyrighted material please give credit to the author in your post.

    Section 11.03 Solicitations for copyrighted materials of any form will not be permitted.

    Section 11.04 Advertisement of locations where copyrighted materials may be obtained will not be permitted.

    Section 11.05 Members are not allowed to ask or offer to buy, sell, or trade any illegal copies of anything (counterfeit cards, movies, music, games, etc.). Members who are caught or reported face being banned on SCF. This is a one strike you’re out offense. IT IS CONSIDERED STEALING! This includes selling a MP3 player preloaded with music.

    Section 11.06 Members are not allowed to start threads for the purpose of selling "knock off" counterfeit type jerseys. You may become an affiliate and promote your website in the sites and auctions forum with a one time link but only AFTER you provide us proof that the jerseys are AUTHENTIC. More information found HERE.

    Section 11.07 Modifying or selling modified cards, including modified patch cards, and claiming they were distributed in that way by the manufacturer, is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the site.
    Article XII. Signatures and User Names:
    Section 12.01 Please keep signatures limited to no more than 5 lines.

    Section 12.02 Members may have a banner image in their signature. The size limit for the banner should be no larger than 100 pixels high x 300 pixels wide (45k size) and there is only to be one such image in any signature. VIP Members, Premium Members[/URL], and Retired staff that have the retired badge are allowed 500 x 100 (75k size).

    Section 12.03 Members cannot have a font size larger than "3" typed in their signature. If you want something larger than that, create a banner.

    Section 12.04 Having a link to a personal site like Freewebs is allowed.

    Section 12.05 Having a link to your business website in your signature is prohibited except for SCF Sponsors or Affiliates. The link must be approved by SCF staff. Please refer to the Advertising Guidelines and contact the Off-Site Relations Manager for more information on becoming an SCF Affiliate.

    Section 12.06 Members may not create their own must send first rules and place them in signatures or force them on others.

    Section 12.07 Links to eBay stores are only permitted in the signatures of staff members, ex-staff members and VIP members. No other auction or store site is permitted unless by an SCF Sponsor. All SCF Members may use the eBay profile link that's under their username. SCF Members may also utilize the Sites and Auctions Forum.

    Section 12.08 User Name changes are offered in 2 ways:
    (a) Pay 1000 SCF Card Cash
    (b) Become a VIP Member. One of the perks is 1 free name change per year.
    (c) Members who change their user name will have the phrase "Formerly old user name" as their customer user title for 45 days.
    (d) For name changes and removal of customer user title please contact the General Manager.
    Article XIII. Avatars/Pictures:
    Section 13.01 Images, material or links to images and or material whether real, satirical or implied depicting obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, or threatening in nature are not permitted anywhere on SCF. This includes Gifs or cartoons.

    Section 13.02 The SCF staff has discretion in judging which avatars/pictures do not comply with these rules.
    Article XIV. Card Cash:
    SCF has a member reward program called Card Cash. Information about how Card Cash works can be found HERE.
    Section 14.01 Card Cash may be sold to other members for paypal.

    Section 14.02 Card Cash can be used in the Card Cash store. The store is filled with many items for the members. Items range from cards, supplies, memorabilia, gift certificates, site rewards, and other miscellaneous goodies.

    Section 14.03 Begging for Card Cash is not permitted.

    Section 14.04 The picture you see in the store is the exact card in hand and the condition that it is being sent. Please contact the person who uploaded the pictured for more details.

    Section 14.05 Seller is responsible for any loss or damages incurred during the shipping of items from the Card Cash store in accordance with Article VI, Section 6.01.
    Article XV. NOT USED

    Article XVI. Infraction System:
    Section 16.01 SCF has an infraction system. It consists of the following:
    (a) 5 Points = 3 day suspension
    (b) 10 points = 7 day suspension
    (c) 15 point = Ban
    Section 16.02 All members can use the "contact us" button at the button of SCF or send a PM to a staff member to appeal any suspensions/bans.

    Point System: Points / Expire
    Section 16.03 TOS/Rule Reminder-Verbal 0 / 14 Day(s)

    Section 16.04 Spammed Advertisements or a site other than trading 1 / 30 Day(s)

    Section 16.05 Posting a cash auction on the forums 1 / 30 Day(s)

    Section 16.06 Unapproved contests/fantasy links that involve any type of financial item 1 / 30 Day(s)

    Section 16.07 Thread Hijacking 1 / 30 Day(s)

    Section 16.08 Other 1 / 30 Day(s)

    Section 16.09 Bumping 2 / 45 Day(s)

    Section 16.10 Trading incoming cards 2/ 12 Month(s)

    Section 16.11 Posting Incoming Cards for Trade/Sale 2 / 45 Day(s)

    Section 16.12 Signature Rule Violation 2 / 45 Day(s)

    Section 16.13 Incomplete profile information 3 / 60 Day(s)

    Section 16.14 Other 3 / 60 Day(s)

    Section 16.15 Unapproved pack/box sales/grab bags/group breaks 3 / 60 Day(s)

    Section 16.16 Posting redundant/duplicate threads 3 / 60 Day(s)

    Section 16.17 Bumping 2nd offense 3 / 3 Month(s)

    Section 16.18 Inappropriate Language and/or Insulting other members 3 / Never

    Section 16.19 Not sending your end as a must send first 5 / Never

    Section 16.20 Creating Multiple Accounts, Regardless of Reason 5 / Never

    Section 16.21 Failure to send your end aka backing out on a confirmed sale/trade in the Trade Manager 5 / Never

    Section 16.22 Not adhering to Transferred Feedback Rules as an Established Trader 5 / Never

    Section 16.23 Excessive Behavior/Causing Problems - Swearing/Insulting Other Members 5 / Never

    Section 16.24 Other 5 / Never

    Section 16.25 Posting vulgar/inappropriate images/links/videos and/or language 5 / Never

    Section 16.26 PM abuse 5 / Never

    Section 16.27 Sending cards that are damaged without letting the other trader become aware of the damage 5 / Never

    Section 16.28 False profile information 5 / Never Yes No

    Section 16.29 Bad packaging/shipping causing the cards to arrive damaged 5 / 12 Month(s)

    Section 16.30 Trading/selling a card that is already involved in a trade/sale with another member 5 Never

    Section 16.31 Feedback fraud 10 / Never

    Section 16.32 Spammed Another Trade Site or Business Site not Affiliated with SCF 15 / Never

    Section 16.33 Attempting to illegally sell, purchase or trade copyrighted materials through any facet of the site. 15 / Never
    Article XVII. Bad Trader List:
    Section 17.01 SCF Bad Trader List is maintained by the SCF General Manager. Members who do not want to be on the list, should keep their account in good standing at all times.

    Section 17.02 Members who want to be removed from the list will need to rectify all outstanding issues. Contact the General Manager for information.
    Article XVIII. Contact Us/Report Issues:
    Section 18.01 We have an open door policy at SCF. Memnbers can reach SCF Staff at anytime with questions, suggestions, complaints, etc., via the PM system, or the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.

    Section 18.02 A list of SCF staff members, and their specifc areas of responsibility, can be seen by clicking the View Forum Leaders link at the bottom of any page.

    Section 18.03 Please avoid making a post on the boards to contact a staff member. Check the Forum Leaders list and contact the appropriate staff member directly.

    Section 18.04 Please utilize the chain of command/hierarchy with any issues or inquiries. All issues pertaining to a particular sport or section of the site need to go through the moderators of that area. If that does not work, then contact the Assistant Team Manager, Team Manager, or Senior Moderator that oversees the area in question. When all else fails, contact the General Manager.

    Section 18.05 At no time should members publicly air grievances on the open boards. If you feel you have been wronged, please contact a Senior Moderator (red usernames).

    Section 18.06 SCF Members may report issues in any forum posts by clicking on the triangular sign with an exclamation point https://www.sportscardforum.com/image...ons/report.gif located beneath a member’s name on that post. Fill out the information and SCF staff will handle it accordingly. Keep it mind it may not get handled immediately as it depends on what staff members are online at the particular time.
    Article XIX. Miscellaneous:
    Section 19.01 VIP: Basic SCF membership is free. However, we do offer two inexpensive membership package upgrades, Premium and VIP. Information on both of these upgrades can be found by clicking HERE.

    Section 19.02 SCF does not remove accounts at the request of the member. This information is only viewable to the individual member and SCF staff (see Section 3.02 for exceptions). Members who wish to no longer have an active account on SCF, use the Contact Us option at the bottom of any page and request the your account to be set to unregistered status. If a member would like to return, we can simply reactivate it.

    Section 19.03 SCF Members have the ability to determine what type of emails and notifications they receive from SCF. Thess settings can be adjusted in the User CP under Edit Options.

    Section 19.04 While SCF respects Freedom of Speech, we do reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

    Section 19.05 By using any part of the Sports Card Forum website you are hereby agreeing to adhere to the SCF Rules as part of our terms and conditions for membership.

    *UPDATE - bold text is modification to Section 1.03 (a)(b) and (c)

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